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Robert Green, CEO & Founder Regardless of the genre, it is essential for musicians to build and maintain a loyal fan base if they wish to leave an everlasting impression on the music industry. History has proven time and time again, that artists can make a steady living just by entertaining a base of merely 1,000 or 2,000 die-hard fans. Be it the Beatles or Queen or even Greta Van Fleet, the formula to becoming a musical legend is: create good music, have a loyal fan base, and take good care of them. Artists today, do everything above and beyond their means to attract people toward their music and turn casual listeners into super fans! From creating interactive websites to selling official merchandise online to posting day-to-day routines and “jams” on social media, these celebrities have left no stone unturned to help ignite the sense of belonging in their followers. But, establishing a robust digital presence nowadays is not a choice; everyone has to opt for digital media, which brings forth its own set of challenges. Creating and maintaining websites and social media handles aren’t as easy as it looks—especially for superstars.

Take Blackberry Smoke, for instance. Just a few months ago, this American rock band struggled with their official website that was largely non-intuitive and inefficient which affected their communication, e-commerce business, and most importantly, the brand image. Every aspect of the website had loose ends; the feeds, number of clicks, loading time, customer service, all of which resulted in creating a “terrible” user experience. After many failed attempts, Blackberry Smoke hit a home run when they came across FluidRank, a digital agency based out of Cumming, GA.

“When we got the band on-broad, we did our due diligence and realized that the site had many more issues apart from the UX,” says Robert Green, founder and CEO of FluidRank. He continues, “We noticed that their site was breaking apart due to the constant updates, maintenance bills were going through the roof, and they were trying to sell over 1,600 products on a WordPress site, which isn’t ideal for e-commerce.”

After introducing the band to the endless benefits of creating an e-commerce oriented website on Magento, FluidRank convinced Blackberry Smoke to bring down their existing site and designed them a new one from scratch. The revamped website represented everything that the band stood for; it captured the “rock-n-roll” theme. It was custom-coded with only three to four extensions, unlike the former website which had over 40. The load time reduced from 7.5 seconds to just 3 and the checkout was brought down to a single page—which made a big difference. “We invested a lot of time in understanding what plans the band had in mind for their website for now and the future. We custom built the entire site in a way that Blackberry Smoke can reap the benefits of having a Magento site without having to worry about anything.” Within five months, the band made 27 percent more revenue in Q1 when compared to the previous year. Amazingly, despite a surge in non-paid traffic, Green highlights that the site never broke down. In essence, it was a website with better UX, captured the rock aura, had a positive impact on the audience, and paved the way for a quick ROI.

I am willing to put my name and my business on the line every single day to deliver quality solutions that my clients will be proud of today and the years to come

Today, Blackberry Smoke travels around the world “punching a hole through the skies” with their music and can connect and cater to their loyal audience beyond the bounds of concerts.

Although FluidRank was never a part of the band’s jamming sessions, they were behind-the-scenes at all times. They were the web design and development magicians with Magento expertise who “abracadabra-ed” life into not just Blackberry Smoke’s website but that of several other entities across various sectors.

Creativity, Passion, and Experience

The genesis of FluidRank is undoubtedly a subject to ponder upon. Having worked as a freelance web developer for nearly three years, Green envisioned redefining the very nature of web development and how the business world perceived it. Over the years, the firm, with its expertise in designing e-commerce websites on Magento, e-mail automation, and SEO, grew exponentially—catering to clients across industries such as music, real estate, photography, plastic surgery and skin care, manufacturing, apparel, and many more. From an initial revenue of over $40,000 in 2017, the company is on its way to touch $1.3 million this year. But, how did they become so successful in such a short time frame? What did they do so very differently?

“We deliver solutions that work,” says Green. He continues, “We are not reinventing the wheel, but we are creating a unique process that brings success to our customers. Our process is what makes us different.”

Unraveling the Unique Methodology

While the standard process to web development revolves around gathering information, planning, designing, content writing and assembly, coding, testing, and maintenance, FluidRank adopts a whole new approach to web-dev. As the saying goes, “the devil is in the details,” FluidRank’s attention to every facet involved in building a website gives them the edge required to deliver a robust solution. “While building a Magento store, we invest the first 2-3 weeks in doing our due diligence which involves gathering a lot of data,” says Green.

Starting with the initial consultation, FluidRank first understands the purpose of the website, the clients’ goal, their audience, and what they are trying to sell over the internet. The team then analyzes its customers’ existing portal from an end-user point of view to figure out the site journey and its drawbacks. FluidRank digs deep into the analytics of the website in search of information such as most visited and exited pages while keeping an eye out for performance issues that hamper end-user experience—the checkout process, problems with the call-to-action (CTA) buttons, and loading time—all of which result in losing business.
Once the team has all the data and a set goal in place, the development begins.

“We make sure that the customer experience isn’t disrupted from the time they start browsing the site till they get to the checkout page,” says Green. He continues, “There is a lot of work that goes into this process. We need to take a look at the website structure, feed, making their CTA buttons stand out— while ensuring that the user experience is also optimized on every possible device—which is a huge task as many in the market fail to do it right.”

FluidRank prides itself on the fact that the websites they develop are not only in line with their client’s brand but also aligns itself with the end user expectations to ensure better customer engagement and high ROI. This is highlighted perfectly in their motto—“We convert clicks to customers.”

It is no news that Magento was created for the e-commerce business. It is modular, customizable, gives users the freedom to select hosting services, and can be easily integrated with custom plug-ins.

FluidRank adds value by revamping the entire site in a way that enables brands to directly speak to their audience, create impact, and increase the conversation rates. The team builds websites by personalizing it to the extent of even picking color schemes which is most suitable to the targeted audience. “With our capabilities, we can increase traffic organically by at least 1.5 times more than the paid traffic. If a website generally coverts 5 percent of their organic traffic, we can easily get up to 7-8 percent,” says Green. From turning a 6-page checkout process into a single stop to giving life to site in terms of animation, background, and themes, FluidRank delivers solutions with powerful functionality, performance, and reliability. “We typically increase the amount of time on page by 200–300 percent,” asserts Green.

"We deliver solutions that work"

A Testimony—Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

Apart from their fine websites, FluidRank’s uniqueness lies in the fact that they work in close liaison with their customers at every step; giving an experience that both parties cannot forget.

“There’s something different about FluidRank. I never feel like a client. Honestly, working with Rob is like hanging out with my best friend. I mean, yes they’re a web development agency, but they’re so much more than that. It’s like FluidRank is a guiding light that helps my business increase profits and saves costs. They just use web dev as the medium. Regardless, any time I talk to Rob (the owner), I know he has my best interests at heart. He never tries to ‘sell me’ anything. Usually, he recommends something that has instant results, either in more money in or cost savings,” says Sohail Chatur, a “Happy Client and Friend of FluidRank,” as Green describes.

“You Dream It, and We Shall Make it Happen.”

“We are going to make every single project better than the last one. I am willing to put my name and my business on the line every single day to deliver quality solutions that my clients will be proud of today and the years to come,” concludes Green.


Cumming, GA

Robert Green, CEO & Founder

The firm builds high-performing Magento based eCommerce website designs that convert clicks into customers. Over the years, the firm with its expertise in designing e-commerce websites on Magento, E-mail automation, and SEO, grew exponentially catering to clients across industries such as Music, Real Estate, Photography, Plastic Surgery and Skincare, Manufacturing, Apparel, and many more. FluidRank prides itself on that fact that the sites they develop are not only in-line with their client’s brand but, also aligns itself completely with the end user expectations which ensures better customer engagement and high ROI. From an initial revenue of over $40,000 in 2017, the company is on its way to touch $1.3 million this year