Flutura: Harvesting Signals and Operational visibility In Real-time

The advent of IoT on the work floor and a well established communication infrastructure is gearing up to support the needs of manufacturing industries.“The commoditization of the machinery is creating a never before seen disruption in the manufacturing arena. The IoT data analytics is becoming a competitive necessity for manufacturers,” says Srikanth Muralidhara, Director of Customer Success, Flutura. The company provides solutions to engineers which would enable them to know their machine, from the data it produces. “The engineering models are the ‘white box’ and the statistics models are the ‘black box’, what we provide is the ‘grey box’ solutions required by manufacturing models,” he adds. With a thorough market research in increasing productivity and equipment life, preventing unscheduled downtime and break down, reducing equipment cost and features, safety, and enhanced security, Flutura is constantly trying to improve the manufacturing yield.

Flutura performs the operations by mining sensor data, machine logs and other contextual data using its Data science platform called Cerebra. This platform helps gather and rank signals to unlock hidden opportunities and help companies target the areas of interventions. It helps industries analyze the patterns existing in the data produced by Machine to Machine communications, and surface the ‘unknown unknowns’ for the engineers to rapidly mine the micro patterns from different perspectives.Flutura observes the patterns of defects and works towards it to enhance working of the equipments. “Once an engineer receives the signal, he validates and gives a final nod to the product, which might be used for operational purposes,” explains Muralidhara.
Flutura has made it possible by introducing the concept of nano apps into the Cerebra signal studio which helps in creating data products. To simplify the operational process;within the app, “we have implemented a sophisticated layer, which visualizes the data and helps forming habits. We can’t throw clusters of data on them; we need to give nuggets of data which will only be useful to that specific customer,” says Muralidhara. The company has also launched a ‘data to dollar’ partner program helping customers to introduce new age business models and offerings around data.For instance Flutura once worked with a leading engineering company that used Flutura’s platform to sense signal at real time before defects starts occurring on the manufacturing line.
Krishnan Raman,CEO Derick Jose,CTO Srikanth Muralidhara, Director of Customer Success
“We analyzed sensor data from the glove manufacturing unit which measured temperature, pressure, viscosity, and other ambient conditions of the plant. The defects ranged from 30 to 60 percent and the manufacturing processes influenced higher defect rates. Hence the analysis tool was deployed to monitor the defects and causal factors in real time. “Today, our product constantly observes the machines and detects the casual factor and raises early warning signal so that they can shut down the manufacturing line, calibrate the machines, and take corrective actions,” points out Muralidhara.

“Flutura is powering our next generation Class of the Future offerings to our customers through their co-innovation model. I am especially impressed by their broad range of knowledge, professionalism, and passion in applying advanced technologies to our rapidly advancing maritime industry. We are jointly innovating new offerings to intersect unprecedented opportunities in the IOT space,” says George Wang, Director Vessel Performance, American Bureau of Shipping.
Formed under the leadership of the three triumvirates—Krishnan Raman, CEO; Derick Jose, CTO; and Srikanth Muralidhara, Flutura’s leadership is a blend of skills and knowledge which makes them address a very large market. Believing in customer simplicity and learning, Flutura’s organizational design is structured round the holacracy model, where people have direct access to the last mile problems. “Going ahead, we plan to set up an operating system to expand our foothold in the energy and engineering space and deepen our offerings in data to dollar program,” concludes Muralidhara.


Bangalore, Karnataka

Krishnan Raman,CEO Derick Jose,CTO Srikanth Muralidhara, Director of Customer Success

Providing Intelligent Data Products, for the Energy and Heavy Engineering industry which would enable engineers to know their machine, from the data it produces.