Flutura Solutions: Help 'See' Previously 'Unseen' Patterns

Flutura Solutions is a Decision Sciences Company that focuses on M2M (machine to machine) and Big Data analytics. It is the brain child of Krishnan Raman, Srikanth Muralidhara and Derick Jose. The company's focus and expertise in machine generated Big Data differentiates it from most other Big Data players mining social data or customer behavior data.

To analyze and make use of the vast volumes of data generated by machines, Flutura developed a patent pending platform called Cerebra. The platform has three different functionalities or layers- 1) Tame layer- helps ingest billions of events from sensor event streams, 2) Sense layer - Machine learning algorithm that learn automated patterns, 3) Respond layer - Triggers action on the field. The unique ability of Cerebra to unlock patterns from cryptic machine generated log file and harness previously untapped data makes it the next generation intelligent Big Data platform.

With its uncanny ability to detect machine signals, Cerebra has proved to be an exceptional platform for Flutura's clientele in bringing out the economic value of machine data assets. Flutura has worked for an Oil industry client and made sensor data models that collect and analyze all the sensor events in the upstream ecosystem. A utility firm has also been benefited by Cerebra's capability to mine useful data patterns from smart meters due to optimize transmission losses. Flutura has extended its product to a telecom provider experiencing attacks on their network infrastructure. The company worked with a global asset monitoring company to monetize machine data assets by harvesting signals from sensors mounted on boilers and chillers. Cerebra helped to tame the massive sensor data and machine learning algorithms detected signals in the cryptic sensor data which were not apparent to the human eye. These signals helped prevent break down of these crucial assets thereby saving lives and outage cost.

The evolution of a caterpillar to a butterfly inspired Flutura bring transformation in Big Data world

The company plans to offer more and more mission critical apps that are focused on managing 'Risk' and improving 'Operational efficiencies'. It envisions a host of engagements in Building Management and Oil & Gas because they are driven by risk related concerns and believes that their services will be of key importance to Utility and energy companies focused on efficiencies of transmission.

With the increasing need of translating bulks of data into useful information, a whole new wave of blue ocean opportunities for the entire industry is opening up, more so for companies like Flutura since it is at the cusp of M2M and Big Data analytics. "We believe that the machine sensors are continuously emitting signals and we have not been listening deeply to them" said Derick Jose, Co-Founder and CPO at Flutura Solutions. According to Intel, approximately 31 billion internet-connected devices will exist by 2020 and a family of four will move from having 10 connected devices in 2012 to 50 in 2022. This will result in an explosion of machine generated data and research suggests that there are already more devices being connected to the internet than humans. Flutura's real-time platform Cerebra will help customers listen deeply to these machines. The data released or embedded in these sensor/machine signals could potentially contain the massive 'Risk Exposure' of an organization. When this is identified, analyzed and rectified it could radically transform 'Operational Efficiencies'

The founders of Flutura (which means butterfly in Albanian) are inspired by nature’s greatest transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly and hence are trying to bring transformation in the world of Big Data with the help of their platform Cerebra.

Flutura Solutions

Flutura Solutions is a Decision Sciences Company that focuses on M2M (machine to machine) and Big Data analytics.