FocalCXM: An Agile Product Development Services Firm

FocalCXM is an innovative startup that is passionate about delivering insanely great enterprise applications. They deliver industry focused solutions and services to optimize Customer Experience (CX) related processes. Their solutions fall into one of three strategic categories—FIX, IMPROVE and DELIGHT. These strategies empower organizations to leverage their existing investments to improve experiences of sales, marketing, IT teams and customers.

As part of the “Fix” strategy, the company offers CRM services to help customers move to, or between, clouds depending on their needs. “While there are great horizontal CRM platforms in the market, it is amazing to see how many processes are yet to be optimized across industries/geographies. As an example, many SMBs and smaller sales forces in large enterprises use Excel to capture their field activities even today,” says Adithya Buddhavarapu, CEO and Co-Founder, FocalCXM.

Under the “Improve” strategy, SaaS based solutions form a core offering, as evidenced by the company’s products—iOrderPharma, StoryPulse and FastBanquet.

We rely on customer intimacy and take pride in deeply empathizing with our customers

iOrderPharma can be bolted on top of any CRM platform. “While one of our customers used a popular CRM platform, their sales representatives were deprived of the ability to capture orders in the offline mode when they are in the field. Using this tool, the sales teams not only benefited from a simplified user interface but were also furnished with offline ability optimized for the iPad,” says Buddhavarapu.

StoryPulse, an enterprise grade content and assessment management system works offline and online. The platform aids sales persons to engage with customers, capture feedback, and synchronize the information to CRM platforms for analytics, insights on competition and brand perception.
Adithya Buddhavarapu,CEO & Co-Founder
Using StoryPulse, one prominent Life Science customer has been able to better understand their customers and strengthen relationships. Prior to StoryPulse, the client’s field-force struggled to deliver rich content and interactive surveys. “There were usability and connectivity issues, which derailed meaningful conversations,” remarks Buddhavarapu. The offline and highly usable nature of StoryPulse assisted in rich interaction and enabled a complete offline experience. Additionally, the platform was built with emerging markets in mind and thus, the price point is unbelievable.

FastBanquet is a comprehensive cloud based platform that connects hoteliers, service providers, and consumers and drastically simplifies Banquet planning and execution experience for all stakeholders.

Under the company’s “Delight” offering are Custom Product Development Services and Gamification frameworks that help clients engage with their CRM stakeholders effectively. FocalCXM is currently helping a customer better interact with their customers by providing simple board games and quizzes as part of their StoryPulse platform.

Stressing heavily on ruthless self-improvement as an organization and the need to eliminate non-value added processes, FocalCXM is geared up to deliver remarkable experience to its customers at affordable price points. Focal is currently experimenting with recent trends in Mobility, Big Data and Analytics and delivering industry leading applications. Talking about their future goals Buddhavarapu says, “So far, great CX has been limited to large enterprises and our vision is to democratize the concept of remarkable experience across all industries and geographical markets.”


Chantilly, VA

Adithya Buddhavarapu,CEO & Co-Founder and Lax Chepuri, Co-Founder & President Mary Kirchner, Global Customer Success Advocate

FocalCXM is a product development services firm with a focus on Customer Experience Management.We are value driven, industry focused, customer obsessed