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Sean Hywood, CEO
In the current day and age, organizations do not waiver before investing time and money in the tools that aid in supporting their operations and bring in high-quality data to drive growth and overall success of the business. The rubber meets the road wherein treading on the heels of this trend is the growing demand for a singular service management tool that can house information from the diverse toolsets, simplifying it for employees to find, process, and use the information. In essence, the right combination of people, process, and tools has turned indispensable for every organization. Founded on the premise of ‘simplifying businesses with better solutions,’ Focus On Business is a maven committed to delivering the right professional services with an industry leading service management tool— Assyst—implementing the next best functionality that is quicker to adopt and easier to configure.

In a rapidly changing environment of local, regional and global demands, organizations of any size have at their disposal Focus On Business that lays the groundwork of provisioning the best service management practices with a fully integrated ITSM solution, coupled with their strong consulting and implementation services. With Assyst, a functionally matured ITSM solution, the company assists clients with faster, better, and cheaper delivery and IT support. “Backed by 25 years of R&D and with a proven track record of delivering measurable units, Assyst is a market leading ITSM toolset, which not just enriches data and provides management information quickly, but also delivers an overall quality service across all the organization’s business areas,” states Sean Hywood, CEO, Focus On Business. Assyst enables fulfillment of services within minutes by auto directing end users to the correct resolver groups and provides knowledge articles 24/7, which in turn significantly bring down the cost and demand of service desk, thereby promoting self-resolution.

The prowess of Assyst can be gauged by the fact that it is certified for all 16 ITIL Process verified by Pink Elephant. This simplifies the self-service portal experience for end users with an automated knowledge search run and displays after each incident is logged. As a result, the service desk side of the affair is automated leading to onward automation along with standard interface features such as VIP alerts, location, and item notes, etc.

Assyst is a market leading ITSM toolset, which delivers an overall quality service across all the organization’s business areas

Apart from that, similar event searches assist in identifying trends prevalent in incidents logged, which in turn gives impetus to proactive problem management.

For non-IT service desks, Assyst can also be viewed as an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) tool, not strictly confined within the boundaries of IT. Catering to requests from diverse and disparate divisions, Assyst facilitates its multi-tenancy features, which can segregate sensitive data such as HR, payroll, and legal requests from the general pool, serving as a ‘one stop shop’ for request services from all facets of the business, enhancing consistency of service deliveries and SLAs.

Having a core understanding of the potential of effective ITSM, Focus On Business plans to stay abreast customer needs and mold them into their solutions. In a recent endeavor, the firm added—xMatters—to its portfolio, an intelligent communication platform. This platform connects insight from various systems to the right person, automates and contextualizes communications within the DevOps space thereby accelerating essential business processes. It also supports organizations with major incidents and change management, ensuring that the right people are available in case of time-sensitive events and problems such as network outages, supply chain disruption, natural calamity, and medical emergencies. Moreover, to keep their momentum going and serve their clientele better, the company has developed a low code solution APPACTIV that offers organizations the fastest way to fill the gap between business applications and processes with ready to go industry templates coupled with an easy to use wizard platform.

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Sean Hywood, CEO

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