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Jack Kaiser, SVP, Sales & Marketing
Global enterprises have an insatiable desire for data and information analytics which together triggers the demand for effective storage platforms and dynamic applications. However, the burgeoning influx of data and information can add to the challenges companies that occur due to ineffective administration and exploitation of information management. As companies grow and new regulations add pressure on data centers, firms inevitably must increase server and storage capacity to handle systems management and burden power consumption.

One company that rolled up its sleeves to address intricate challenges with its robust virtualization capabilities was Focus Technology Solutions. With the move towards a Big Data world, the company is dedicated to balance the must-haves and must-dos in serving clients data centers. “Going far beyond simple consolidation, we offer a comprehensive and integrated virtualization, ranging from desktop to data centers. These help enterprises accomplish cost reductions, enhance IT agility and flexibility, and recognize seamless cloud computing advantages,” says Jack Kaiser, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Focus Technology Solutions.

Founded by Bruce Crochetiere in 1998, Focus Technology Solutions, Inc. (Focus TSI) is headquartered in Seabrook, NH and expanded in 2014 with a cloud demonstration office in Burlington, MA. Focus is one of the top c l o u d , virtualization and datacenter transformation companies in the North East with deep engineering expertise across multiple practice areas including: Virtualization & End User Compute, Storage & Information Management, Backup & Recovery, Network & Wireless and Cloud & Managed Services. The company has is partner of prestigious names in the virtualization landscape like VMware, EMC, Cisco, and HP. “With early adoption of innovative technologies, we hold the expertise to architect and implement successful virtualization solutions for servers, storage, networks and desktops,” claims Kaiser.

One solution Focus Technology Solutions’ is best known for is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or End User Computing (EUC).
Bruce Crochetiere, CEO
Focus has developed a VDI methodology and a User Acceptance Test (UAT) process. For the UAT, Focus actually provides all the hardware, software, support and professional services for a 30 day period. During the UAT phase a sampling of users will get first-hand experience with an actual Virtual Desktop. The goal of the UAT phase is to execute a robust and structured test of key functionality identified during the Assess Phase as critical business requirements. During this phase the success criteria for the UAT are defined and documented. The results and findings of UAT will be documented in a report. The document will also include details on the feasibility of the desired solution and the requirements that are necessary to make the functionality available to the users. Any issues and recommended solutions will be outlined. If the UAT successfully meets the defined success criteria the process will proceed to the Design Phase and ultimately Implementation Phase.

Focus’s managed services is an incorporation of some services like server monitoring, network monitoring, storage monitoring, application monitoring, and vendor management. The monitoring and management tools are a combination of user-friendly, simple, designed especially for organizations facing intricacies in application and network access. “Our server and network monitoring services not only monitor, but also diagnose performance issues and seamlessly provide event log monitoring, and interface operational status,” adds Kaiser.

Focus Technology Solutions possesses the unique capabilities of researching and understanding the intricacy of clients and then developing the solutions to stream line their problems. The company has plans to expand through geography and achieve new customers by developing dynamic services in virtualization. “Our paramount virtualization solutions and agile methodology will help enterprises maintain high standards of security, manageability, and reduce capital and operational costs,” concludes Kaiser.

Focus Technology Solutions

Seabrook, NH

Jack Kaiser, SVP, Sales & Marketing and Bruce Crochetiere, CEO

Providing innovative technology services to streamline virtualization, cloud, and network design issues thereby reducing server down time and ensuring improved ROI.