FocusVision: Understanding Your Customer Truth

We connected with FocusVision’s SVP Research, Zoe Dowling, Ph.D to understand how their full-spectrum suite of research solutions is empowering CPG marketers, brand strategists, and product owners to create authentic customer engagement programs that speak to the needs of consumers. Already trusted by the top 10 leading CPG companies, FocusVision offers enterprises and their agencies the most comprehensive suite of software solutions to understand their customer from all angles, without compromise.

“We are in the business of customer truth. The most powerful element that can be used by any business leader is to authentically understand, engage and connect with their customer.” stated Zoe. “We believe that CPG customer engagement is more than just listening to the voice of the consumer through a set of demographic and behavioral data points, but understanding their mind, their true perspective completely. Why they do what they do. How they think, act, feel. What is actually true based on interacting with them holistically and understanding how and why you are making an impact in their lives. Customer truth is what connects your brand story with your customer’s story. This is what our solutions enable our clients to do every day.”

Through FocusVision’s research and customer engagement solutions product and brand teams can listen, view, connect and engage with consumers multi-dimensionally, in order to gain an understanding and clear perspective of what drives consumer behavior and decisions. This in turn enables them to make specific strategic and operational brand, service, product, and go-to-market decisions based on actual customer truth.

Empowering its clients to explore the world through their customer lens is not new to FocusVision. In 1992, FocusVision was the first research technology business to live stream focus groups, to make customer engagement more scalable, efficient, and accessible.

Today, FocusVision offers a complete suite of software from online surveys to test brand and product awareness, webcam interviews and focus groups to uncover the motivations and emotions behind their opinions and behaviors, through to understanding how CPG products impact a consumer’s lifestyle through social-media styled online communities, online bulletin boards, video diaries, point-of-sale display and concept testing, along with a centralized secure video analytics, storage, and sharing platform.
Zoe Dowling, SVP Research
Their solutions provide the broadest access and deepest analysis of a consumer’s opinions, emotions, motivations, and behaviors. FocusVision Decipher scales online surveys from simple to sophisticated without compromise so a whole organization can access real-time customer insights. From just-in-time quick polls to large-scale, multi-country, multi-language studies and everything in-between to capture a consumer’s feelings and bring their voice alive for all stakeholders.

FocusVision Revelation is the most dynamic and user-friendly mobile diary, bulletin boards, and online community platform on the market today. Using social media styled interactions, Revelation is an activity based platform providing a series of activities for participants to engage in to explore emotions, behaviors, and contexts for deeper insights.

FocusVision InterVu allows CPG organizations to get to the heart of consumers in a matter of minutes by conducting powerful video interviews and online focus groups quickly and easily, anywhere, anytime. Purpose-built for customer engagement, and offering private backroom controls and the most sophisticated moderator engagement functions, it is ideal for all organizations looking to connect securely with consumers to understand what they think and how they feel.

Key consumer moments can easily be turned into insights with FocusVision Video Insights. From time-coded video and audio transcriptions and translations, to customizable tagging and filing options, Video Insights enables a whole organization to securely manage and organize research related clips, images, and reports in a single platform.

Zoe added, “At FocusVision, we are relentless in enabling our clients’ pursuit of Customer Truth by providing an integrated research solution that brings richness, texture and depth of understanding to the most critical component of data: people.”


Stamford, CT

Zoe Dowling, SVP Research

FocusVision is the only full-spectrum research technology business with a complete suite of software solutions to provide a more holistic understanding of customer truths