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Adnan Lawai, Founder & CEO
In the current tech era, it is imperative for businesses to have an online presence, as they are largely inclined toward setting up growth initiatives beyond physical boundaries. The online world plays a key role in bringing this to a reality. Intuitive web and mobile applications emerged as the best ways to establish online interactions. Thereby, enterprises are on the lookout for robust solution providers who can continuously develop, maintain, and support their applications. Folio3 is such a company with over a decade of expertise in developing innovative, world class enterprise web applications for large organizations, including Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs.

The company is specialized in mobile app development for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry smartphones and tablets. From mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS) solutions to secure cross platform apps and mobile app testing, Folio3 is a one-stop-shop for enterprises looking to create interactive online applications.

Folio3 designs and develops apps through their lean startup approach— Digital Discovery Program. The method quickly determines the usability and effectiveness of a mobile app concept by visualizing via wireframes, prototyping and subjecting those apps to real-life use for gathering user feedback. To ensure full functioning of apps, Folio3 employs multiple technical phases and deliverables.

For instance, the Innovation Workshop initiates the development process by assessing business needs and deciding on the potential app concepts that can fulfill those needs. Best concepts selected are subjected to wireframing and then to prototyping. These essentially clickable prototypes serve as mockups of the proposed app idea, simulating user experience.

To proceed with, the company collects user data to test for seamless app functionality and further refining the framework for effective results. As a follow up, the Iterate and Finalize UI/UX phase utilizes the user experience data to create a final clickable prototype of the app, along with valid proposal and architecture for the actual app’s build out.

The company is specialized in mobile app development for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry smartphones and tablets

The firm then develops the complete app and deploys in to client’s production environment.

Over the years, Folio3 has been successfully building applications with industry specific features that cater to their consumer’s needs and ease of use. The company well understands client specific functionality requirements, relieving enterprise managements from the tedious development discussions drawn out over long periods of time.

The customer success story of First Republic bank is a testimony to Folio3’s mastery in developing comprehensive web application. The client being one of the best private banks in North America with 60 offices had to offer exceptional services to their customers. At one instance, the bank approached Folio3 for a customized iPad app to enable their branch associates to showcase the portfolio of products and services to their potential customers. The company developed an easy-to-use app that accomplished the task with additional benefits like interactive calculators for demonstrating returns earned over time from the bank’s various products/schemes. In addition, the innovative app also featured embedded videos to highlight the bank’s special products.

With a team of MIT graduates, Caltech entrepreneurs and inventors from Silicon Valley passionately driving the company, Folio3 continues to bring innovation, integrity and agility to the software services industry. With rapid prototyping methodologies, proprietary internal tools and development experience, the company is in the good books of modern enterprises when it comes to furnishing innovative applications.

Folio3 Software

Palo Alto, CA

Adnan Lawai, Founder & CEO

Provides web application development solutions for Fortune 500 clients in a wide array of industries which include energy, FMCGs, and education