Fon: Delivering Best-in-class Carrier-grade WiFi Networks

Enrique Farfán, COO
“Gone are the days when only telecom and pure wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) offered WiFi services professionally.” Enrique Farfán, COO of Fon says that the interest in offering WiFi has gained traction across enterprises of all verticals, such as hospitality, transportation, public administrations, and even venues like stadiums and coffee shops. Backed by investors including Microsoft and Google, Fon’s technological solutions coupled with managed services have been adopted by over 20 leading telecommunication companies including British Telecom, Deutsche Telekom Group, Oi, Telstra, and Vodafone.

Farfán explains that constant change in customer requirements, demand for robust integration between systems, and the need for consistently providing better quality service present a huge challenge to managed service providers (MSP). To overcome these challenges, Fon comes up with best-in-class WiFi products that offer service providers the ability to manage WiFi services through hotspot networks. With touch-points around the world, Fon has been at the forefront of providing a cutting-edge platform for MSPs that simplifies deployment, configuration, and operation of carrier-class WiFi networks. “Integrators and MSPs now have the opportunity to efficiently operate WiFi deployments, lower costs, and scale their business model,” Farfán adds.

By leveraging Fon’s platform, MSPs can create network silos, assign specific access rights to customer tiers, customize WiFi experiences at captive portals, set different pay-per-access schemes, and most importantly, they can transfer significant control to enterprises for service personalization. Pre-integrated with popular hardware infrastructure vendors, the solution allows customers to reuse existing network infrastructure.

What’s more, Fon’s seasoned professional services team guides enterprises through the end-to-end process from deployment to integration and finally operation. “We are experts in integrating our solutions into the most varied infrastructure and systems,” elucidates Farfán. “We provide support to MSPs integrating our technology with an enterprise’s corporate infrastructure as well as tailoring the solution to its particular needs.”

We are experts in integrating our solutions into the most varied infrastructure and systems

Further, Fon provides an open API that enables integration with enterprise management systems, such as hospitality PMS systems and loyalty databases. In a nutshell, “our solution allows MSPs to centrally manage the WiFi services of their enterprise customers from a single view on an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard,” says Farfán.

Fon’s commitment to service excellence comes highly recommended from helping several global leading service providers to deliver enhanced WiFi capabilities. For instance, Wireless Gate, a service provider in Japan uses Fon’s solution to manage a public WiFi service at the Niseko Ski station. Niseko being one of the most important ski stations in the world with a high proportion of foreign visitors, Fon’s client helped the resort in attracting tourists and enhancing customer experience through its free WiFi access. “Our solution is the most robust and scalable solution on the market, as it maintains flexibility and also has the features necessary to support the use cases of any vertical,” says Farfán. With the help of Fon’s Solution, Wireless Gate efficiently manages WiFi services and ensures that it meets regulatory obligations. Additionally, the registration flow onto the WiFi service guides users through several captive portal pages, where Niseko’s enterprises—restaurants, hotels, cafes, and bars—are promoted.

Forging ahead, Fon will expand into new territories, whilst remaining focused on providing a great user experience and market-leading WiFi solutions. “With more than ten years experience of working with top tier telecommunication service providers in the world and helping them deliver WiFi services, we feature a great solution that helps communication and MSPs alike,” comments Farfán.



Enrique Farfán, COO

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