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Rob Harding, President & CEO
In the recent past, St. Anthony Regional Hospital & Nursing Home—Carrol, IA based firm, that was focused on enabling their patients have access to physicians in many specialties, state-of-the-art equipment, and up-to-date treatment procedures encountered certain quandaries in their workflow. They mass printed a variety of forms and manually completed and routed the forms throughout the hospital enterprise. As this manual workflow was costly and inefficient, the hospital was in need of an efficient system that eliminated the printing of blank forms in advance. St. Anthony approached FormFast—a service firm specializing in designing enterprise workflow solutions. FormFast’s FastFlow, an electronic forms automation package integrated seamlessly with Meditech 6.0. The e-forms solution allowed the hospital to enter patient data onto a digital form and route the form electronically all via the Meditech system. Upon installing FastFlow, St. Anthony significantly decreased printing costs and increased operational efficiency. In addition, the e-forms solution also enabled the client to ensure their entire patient data is kept secure.

With the wave of change driven by workflow architectures, FormFast offers its clients a clear path and defined set of options in preparing for the journey of transformations. “For hospitals, controlling costs while increasing quality and improving the patient experience are high priorities,” asserts Rob Harding, President and CEO of FormFast. “The capability to accept electronically signed documents can greatly contribute to a safer and more efficient healthcare model.” FormFast builds software that enables healthcare organizations to achieve significant process improvement across their enterprise, contract management, supporting HR, and numerous other workflows. Also, FormFast Capture offers easy-to-use functionality to convert paper forms into electronic documents, thus offering the capabilities that were not possible with standard documentation. It instantly gives healthcare staff an easier, more efficient way to capture data and electronically archive healthcare documents—replacing the paper documents with eForms.Additionally, FormFast Capture transforms healthcare documentation, and offers the clinicians and nurses with the right amount of data required to deliver high quality of care to the patients.

The capability to accept electronically signed documents can greatly contribute to a safer and more efficient healthcare model

Another core offering of FormFast, eSignature, is a solution that aids electronic signing on forms which are captured through a signing device or a mobile tablet. The e-signed documents are routed directly to the electronic medical record, accelerating the archival process. It removes the need for manual scanning, costs associated with managing preprinted forms, and prevents document loss.

The firm’s flagship offering, FastFlow—a scalable solution can be deployed in any area around the hospital including administrative, HR, finance, and IT departments. With FormFast, process owners can swiftly create workflow applications more cost-effectively. It eliminates paper processes and the cost, inefficiency, and human-error associated with them and ensures compliance and quality measures through audit trails and process controls. Moreover, FastFlow provides mobile access to online documents, allowing users to initiate, track, and complete workflows from anywhere. The solution enables staff to approve electronic forms and respond to requests and helps improve productivity across the healthcare enterprise.

FormFast’s Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) audit workflow solution helps hospitals to prepare for an impending audit by creating a platform that enables aggregation of information for distribution in a timely and efficient manner. “These automated solutions represent a significant advancement for our company as we strive to help our customers achieve the efficiencies of a high performance hospital through improved workflow automation,” notes Harding. FormFast’s top-notch solutions continue to break new ground in the workflow management space, benefiting its customers around the globe.


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Rob Harding, President & CEO

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