Formogic: Fueling Endpoint Security Innovation

Roberta Varney, President
Today, the endpoint of a corporate network seats countless PCs, laptops, smartphones and other digital equipments that often expand the attack surface. In such a scenario, companies require advanced and consolidated endpoint defense to outmaneuver cyber threats. Having a security solution in place is just the first step. Often, security teams struggle to manage numerous agents and consoles—with little to no automation or integration to assist them. Helping companies streamline organizational data security and tackle business risks, Formogic offers a proficient security suite that ensures robust and efficient endpoint data security through a single console. The Formogic endpoint security suite incorporates information security, advanced data protection with forensics and remote access VPN for real-time data authentication and end-to-end protection.

Formogic’s endpoint security suite provides a full disk encryption feature for users to secure the proprietary corporate and client information on their personal devices. The media files are encrypted and handled by Capsule Docs, a secure mobile document management system that allows access only to approved users. “Along with the port control and remote access VPN, Formogic promises secure access to corporate assets even while traveling or working from remote locations,” says Roberta Varney, President, Formogic. In a nutshell, this level of protection will not just keep cyber threats at bay but also reduce the risk of receiving lawsuits, loss of revenue and preposterous fines by helping clients align with the data protection regulations and policies.

Sitting at the core of their offerings, Formogic’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) module prevents data loss and unauthorized use of sensitive customer data or valuable intellectual property. The DLP module delivers round the clock data monitoring, tracking and protection focused at the endpoints—a drastic change from conventional DLP regulation systems. “Built from the ground up, our highly configurable monitoring software observes the data activities occurring at the endpoints, providing a good visibility of events via statistics and visual interface,” explains Roberta.

Formogic delivers round the clock data monitoring, tracking and protection focused over the endpoints

By constantly monitoring the enterprises’ business assets, Formogic’s monitoring software predicts an event prior to its occurrence and restricts the resources to prevent further launch of suspicious processes. The administration is then alerted to take necessary actions.

Formogic’s activity analysis feature, with its nine additional levels, delivers a complete understanding of how websites and applications are utilized within an organization. It displays the time spent actively in a window, the time the window was minimized, and its idle time, which is essential for an effective data separation and security. Formogic allows cybersecurity personnel to log every application and website to perform a detailed and continuous analysis of endpoint activity. The software scans the internet for chatter on clients discussing sensitive information about the company over social media or other unprotected sites, tracks them and notifies the administration of these precursors, helping avoid damaging events like data breach and theft.

In spite of being a new player in the global market, Formogic is fast gaining traction in the market through their collaboration with government bodies and private organizations. Aspiring to be pioneers in data authentication and security, the company is striving to gain trust through its independent, unprejudiced guidance on all security matters. With an ongoing focus on building and maintaining associations with providers, partners, accomplices, and customers in the connected age, Formogic is all set to begin their work on the next-gen anti-virus and data protection software.


Tampa, FL

Roberta Varney, President

Provides information security, network security, advanced data protection, forensics and remote access VPN for end-toend protection