Fornetix: Delivering on Advanced Encryption Key Management

Bob Guimarin, CEO
As data breaches rapidly continue to plague organizations, many CIOs are aggressively looking at securing critical data via encryption methods. Today, enterprises have to opt for multiple Key Management Systems (KMS) due to the lack of interoperability and proprietary protocols aligned to each vendor’s devices and applications. These current hurdles foster an error prone and complex environment. Complexity is the root reason organizations are hesitant about proactively deploying aggressive encryption defenses more extensively across their business.

An emerging Cybersecurity company, Fornetix, has addressed this crucial Security Dilemma. At this April’s RSA 2015 conference, Fornetix’s Key Orchestration™ ranked #1 in Server and Client compliance across all KMIP specifications when tested against eleven other members of the OASIS KMIP technical committee.

"Although encrypting data has existed for over sixty years, now is the time to focus on managing encryption keys," remarks Bob Guimarin, CEO, Fornetix. Adhering to this belief, Fornetix’s approach to securing data is to enable broader encryption based remedies by delivering advanced key management solutions.

Guimarin continues, “By using our solution to orchestrate data encryption, an enterprise can significantly enhance its overall cyber security posture.”

TCO Reduction
Fornetix's Key Orchestration™ replaces multiple KMS platforms with one that supports an array of multi-vendor devices, storage systems, web servers, operating systems, and applications. By building upon a foundation of open standards, while bridging support for legacy encryption protocols, Key Orchestration™ provides businesses with advanced encryption usage capability, enabling organizations to retain confidence in the safety and integrity of their information. Key Orchestration™ builds upon a strong operational framework of policy and workflow automation to help clients reduce complexity and their TCO.

Orchestration in Action
Fornetix demonstrated a significant decrease in operating costs, technical errors and omissions by reducing the rekeying time of a sensitive global satellite system from forty-eight hours to thirty minutes. Reducing complexity and automating cumbersome data entry tasks sets a future framework for more frequent and rigorous rekeying efforts, thus reducing the attack surface.
Fornetix views the management of encryption, not as a data encryption problem, but more as an operational messaging problem. "Our four cornerstone framework of a Policy Engine, Workflow Integration, Audit and Tracking Module, and High Scalability Design provide the foundation for advanced business operational use of encryption as a tool, in securing all forms of data, whether at-rest or in-transit," states Guimarin.

By implementing a robust, yet easy to use policy engine, Fornetix allows organizations to effectively harden their governance, risk, and compliance practices across the enterprise, whether local, remote, mobile, or in the cloud. Furthermore, by integrating workflow and automating processes, inadvertent mismatches in managing encryption configurations are eliminated producing a consistent operational response to any given key lifecycle operation. Their Audit and Tracking module enhances an enterprise's operational and security stance, allowing for rapid and detailed analysis associated with the management of encryption keys and certificates. Fornetix has built in interoperability and scalability, from the very first solution design point within the core key management messaging level, all the way up to the end user experience level.

Fornetix's Key Orchestration delivers a comprehensive key management capability-giving businesses a single pane of glass-to use encryption in securing their digital world

Evolution of Security
In the near future, Guimarin envisions a cyber-world where the use of encryption is ubiquitous and evolves through two stages. Currently, in what Fornetix calls the Attribute Barrier™ stage, there is an integration of discreet identity and policy security attributes, working in conjunction with encryption technologies to provide cybersecurity to tens of millions of devices. During the second stage, the Encryption Horizon™, Fornetix foresees support of tens of billions of devices operating within a high function, high frequency, and dynamically managed environment.


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Bob Guimarin, CEO

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