Every organization and individual today is moving to the cloud where ‘the cloud way of business’ has become the new competitive edge. However, a lot of these businesses are unsure of their value factor with cloud while often being delusional about its attributes. “We have seen people create accounts in AWS and state that they are now in the cloud but in fact they are quite far from understanding the intricacies of cloud,” says Matthew D Edwards, Founder and CEO of Trility Consulting. Based on his experience in AWS cloud migration services, Edwards observed that most firms, given the prominent stature of AWS, automatically assume they have a certain information security system in place while they migrate their entire ecosystem in a lift and shift manner. According to Edwards, this notion is far from reality, and companies must purposefully research the value of deploying a security first enterprise cloud ecosystem. This is where Trility comes into play - guiding these organizations and end-users in making informed decisions on a host of cloud-related parameters while embarking on their AWS journey.

Edwards amplifies on the fact that organizations benefit from having a plan versus leaping then looking. They must pre-determine their stance on existing resources that will consolidate their shift to the cloud and how their organizational chart aligns with this transformation. “We work alongside our customers helping them to navigate the interesting line between where they are currently positioned and where AWS solutions could propel them,” states Edwards.

Trility’s service delivery team follows a step-by-step approach to their engagement with clients to help them leap into the cloud. The company practices an incremental client evolution model where they engage with the client in constructive dialogues related to goal state changes. These also take into consideration cultural changes and the impact on the work and responsibilities of employees that are currently in the organizational chart. Edwards explains, “The velocities of what AWS provides and what customers are capable of consuming are not the same.

We value the opportunity of teaching, training, solving and delivery for them en route, helping them become amazing rockstars for the next chapter of their company’s evolution

So often our adoption of new ideas needs to be calibrated to the people and the culture first.” After setting up goal state changes for the client based on the technology, environment and the staff behavior, Trility helps them with their AWS transformational processes.

Trility spends a significant amount of time working closely with their clients fulfilling their core business and technical objectives. As a third-party vendor, one of the crucial roles that Trility plays is in bringing the customer’s workforce together, cultivating a discovery of new opportunities and to then work collectively pursuing organizational goals. “We value the opportunity of teaching training, solving and delivery for them en route, helping them become amazing rockstars for the next chapter of their company’s evolution,” says Edwards.
Trility’s unparalleled dexterity with client organizations and their teams is the direct reflection of the company’s internal work culture. Equipped with a unique blend of seasoned professionals experienced in multiple industry domains and depths, the company holds its relationship with employees as a force multiplier of strength and value. In addition to cultivating a culture of constant learning and team building, Trility develops new and advanced strategies to structure their relationships with customers while also efficiently adding value to their business as they deliver.


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