FortressSecure: Simplified and Secured Data Access

Rhea Moore, Founder & CEO
Most companies today are embracing cloud to enable their employees and partners to store and access data from anywhere, including unsecure networks such as public Wi-Fi, hotel, or an airport. However, security policies and encryption strategies of the cloud providers often lead to more complexity and inflexibility in secured data access. Moreover, the proliferation of endpoints because of the surge in edge computing and IoT has created the need for a new approach to key management. “Through a unique decentralized key management technique, FortressSecure adds a layer of security in a cloud-agnostic manner,” states Rhea Moore, CEO and Founder of FortressSecure. The company’s decentralized key management empowers end users with simple and secure file syncing, cloud sharing, and data access capabilities. Customers can now move their data safely to the cloud and between different cloud environments and share their files on both secured and unsecured networks.

Moore explains that their decentralized key management technique is ideal for existing workflow and tailored for the next generation of applications. FortessSecure’s state-of-the-art technology is available for clients in the form a browser-based and mobile applications, which can be utilized via any device to securely access and share data from anywhere, anytime.

By providing flexibility and simplicity, FortressSecure’s clients have the advantage of an effective multi-cloud strategy. Irrespective of platform and service providers, including AWS, Azure, IBM Box, and Dropbox, they can access their secured data without altering their day-to-day business processes.

FortressSecure’s platform encrypts and fragments data in real-time, and scatters it into encrypted folders in multiple clouds. These “data chunks” are encrypted and scattered across randomly generated directories located on-premise, single, and multiple clouds. Keys are erased with a DoD 5220.22M secure erasure algorithm. Even cold-boot attacks are ineffective. FortressSecure is compliant with all security mandates contained within PCI DSS / HIPAA / CASB1386 / GLBA regulations.

Through a unique decentralized key management technique, FortressSecure adds a layer of security in a cloud-agnostic manner

Besides the proprietary algorithms, the company also uses government approved Elliptic-curve Diffie–Hellman (ECDH) algorithm to establish a shared secret over an unsecured channel. Customers have the option to choose their own storage platform, whether on cloud, on-premise or data center, that increases data availability and prevents the data from being compromised.

Clients gain end-to-end security through their encryption technique that includes removal of the personally identifiable information (PII) before being stored. The company’s administrator creates secure cloud drives and assigns users to cloud drives with permissions to easily drag and drop sensitive data. The users can access their cloud drives by logging into the browser or mobile applications. For instance, a lawyer can seamlessly send sensitive documents from anywhere to a client. FortessSecure encrypts and removes the PII before being stored on a secured cloud drive. There are more such instances where the company has provided its dynamic solution in various environments, including healthcare, government and manufacturing, to ensure secured data storage and access.

FortressSecure has created solutions centered around technology partners like Intel to bring their inventive security technology to a wider audience. As an effective two pronged growth plan, the company has also experienced initial success with numerous scanning and printing solutions providers, and looks forward to collaborating with OEMs. “We want to empower our partners and remain focused on R&D, ensuring that the steps undertaken are in line with our vision of security with simplicity,” concludes Moore.


San Jose, CA

Rhea Moore, Founder & CEO

Multi-cloud storage and collaboration platform offering state of the art decentralized key management technology that guarantees data security during transit and while at rest – with zero learning curve