FORTRUST: Tailored Services Fulfilling Colocation Needs

Rob McClary, SVP & General Manager
Data centers serve as the hub of modern software technology, which develops the capabilities of enterprises to create and maintain mission-critical information. However, the data center landscape encounters many challenges such as ensuring reliability and uptime, alongside mitigating geographical risk that have emerged recently. Addressing these challenges is FORTRUST, a progressive high-availability data center operated by an expert team and maintained with a military-like adherence, that offers agile, reliable, sustainable, and secure raised floor or modular data center capacity. “Our flagship data center in Denver provides tools for transparency and risk mitigation, incorporating the trends of green data center technology and high density computing,” says Rob McClary, Senior Vice President & General Manager, FORTRUST.

“Our core competencies are providing premium data center services which are infrastructure services for colocated customers,” says McClary. This in turn leads FORTRUST to extend space, power and telecommunication services, and wide area networks, all wrapped with risk mitigations, security and customer service. FORTRUST’s services are highly customizable specific to IT environment offering affordable and the best possible solutions for colocation needs.

Moreover, FORTRUST also addresses the emerging industry requirement of visibility and transparency with regard to service level achievement, power usage, and IT environment, which is colocated. For the same, the company has successfully launched a new product called COLOVIEW to enable visibility and transparency into a customer’s colocated environment. The service and technology provides customers with real-time information of their IT environment—from power statistics to temperature and humidity statistics, which are accessible from PCs or smartphones. Through this, customers gain planning opportunities to make better hardware or IT equipment decisions. For example, customers are able to view their power usage without relying on others for information about rack requirement or extra power need.

Since opening their doors in 2001, FORTRUST has marked a track record of 100 percent critical systems uptime over the last 13 years. Unlike its counterparts, the company believes in negating human factors that can contribute to major downtime. “The services that we offer, reach our customer efficiently through our proficient workforce and the disciplined work culture,” affirms McClary.
“Having served in the US Navy for more than a decade, I bring in a process discipline and procedural compliance mindset to FORTRUST. Also, being an avid muscle car lover, I bring forward the approach of backyard mechanics and people, that are mechanically and electrically inclined, to FORTRUST’s operations groups,” says McClary.

For instance, Bit Refinery, an enterprise VMware and Hadoop hosting provider wanted to expand the Hadoop IaaS offering in the Rocky Mountain Region. They needed a data center that was secure, quickly scalable, and capable of keeping their dedicated servers up and running continuously. FORTRUST data center in Denver met all of their requirements, offering them both traditional raised floor and data module colocation capabilities. FORTRUST’s data modules can be deployed quickly in 200kW increments, helping Bit Refinery meet the growing demand for Hadoop services. As a result, Bit Refinery could move forward and focus on its business without worrying about the downtime.

As the only cloud and IT managed service neutral data centers in the Rocky Mountain region, businesses have found colocation services from FORTRUST to be both reliable and flexible to their specific needs. FORTRUST’s B2B marketplace allows customers that colocate at FORTRUST to select the IT managed service or cloud provider they prefer without any obligation or interference from their colocation provider. “We believe managed service or cloud service providers shouldn’t have to compete with their colocation provider, which is why we’ve started the B2B marketplace,” concludes McClary.

Our core competencies are providing premium data center services which are infrastructure services for colocated customers

FORTRUST is currently adding capacity to its Denver data center. Moving ahead, the company is looking forward to stretch its boundaries to other geographic locations that match its model.


Denver, CO

Rob McClary, SVP & General Manager

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