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Tom Foster, Founder & CEO
Online marketing supports online presence of an organization, making it easy for them to advertise and attract clientele. That being said, online marketing for service-based businesses is a double-edged sword. For firms in the law and medicine expanse, for instance, aggressive online marketing can tantamount to professional inadequacy. Therefore, these firms need to walk the tightrope of online marketing with greater precision. Tom Foster, a veteran in the marketing industry, is expert at converting more customers for law firms, medical practices, and other service-based businesses. “Understanding the vision and the mission of these service-based firms is crucial. Once the goals are clear, we excel in designing the perfect content that aligns with their business values and strategy,” says Foster, founder and CEO of Foster Web Marketing. Through effective content, Foster helps clients redefine their online image and grow their client-base, organically.

“Content is the foundation of every business, and by defining client goals through content, the brand attracts appropriate end-users,” explains Foster. By customizing content, service businesses can attract the kind of cases that interest and challenge them at the same time. While a website needs to enhance the user experience, what is more important is the necessity of organic content. Although several marketing websites focus on creative web design, extended benefits can only be achieved when appropriate infrastructure has been painstakingly created to resonate with the audience and communicate the firm’s expertise. Acing the art of demonstrating empathy and demonstrating the responsiveness and the expertise of the team is crucial for favorable business outcomes. To this end, Foster Web takes a consultative approach by asking mindful questions, which ties the clients’ passions to their business. The company highlights the people and the practices of the clients, to better position the client’s website. Going one step ahead, Foster Web implements new technology trends into client websites. By incorporating mobile-friendly websites and chat features, it helps service businesses make themselves easily accessible.

Once the goals are clear, we excel in designing the most perfect content that aligns with their business values and strategy

Rather than relying only on a tailored SEO strategy, Foster tailors website content by emphasizing on the client’s history and success stories through its intuitive marketing automation software, Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS). DSS comprises tools that amalgamate the different requirements for the generation of social media content including Content Management System (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM) and lead management. The clients using DSS can easily manage their website, traffic, leads, email marketing, reputation, social media, and local listing—in one easy-to-use tool.

For instance, one of their clients sought to create a website about debt-collectors, the tactics employed by each and when and how they break the law. This information was priceless to people going after debt-collectors, which helped the client in starting off a hugely successful business. Foster has similarly propelled several businesses in reaching out to the masses and becoming successful.

Foster Web Marketing seeks to incorporate more user-friendly techniques, enabling law and medical practices to streamline their online marketing efforts. Further, with the accumulated data from several firms, Foster plans to eventually master the art of merging services with software to aid clients in using the software optimally and also to facilitate socialization between clients. It also seeks to make DSS a trusted resource between clients, so that they can refer cases to each other as well. Foster aims to create a symbiotic relationship between clients and software, one that is powered by authentic content.

Foster Web Marketing

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Tom Foster, Founder & CEO

Provides online marketing services to law firms and medical practices, enabling them to improve their online presence and grow client base

Foster Web Marketing