FotoNotes: Mobilizing Field Service

Kamal Shah, Founder & CEO
FotoNotes first launched with the introduction of a simple, yet powerful mobile application that allowed users to snap a photo, caption it, add a voice message and share it by email or SMS. Among its early users were field service professionals, who discovered the ease of the product in reporting problems and communicating from the field. FotoNotes quickly identified an enormous opportunity to transform field service operations and over the past five years has developed a full featured mobile and back-office field service management solution. “Our solution empowers field service organizations with enhanced efficiency and communication, allowing them to scale effectively, driving down costs and increasing revenues,” says Kamal Shah, Founder and CEO of FotoNotes.

FotoNotes’ solution automates field service operations enabling managers to quickly generate work orders in the cloud and assign them to appropriate employees and vendors. Through the FotoNotes mobile app, field staff receive their assigned work. “They can review instructions and easily complete inspections, work orders or other field service activities and capture photos that are automatically tagged with GPS, date and/or time stamps all in one single mobile application,” describes Shah. A prominent feature of FotoNotes is its ability to work offline and sync data to the cloud when a connection is reestablished, which allows users to work in areas of poor mobile connectivity. All data entered and photos taken are synced and stored in the FotoNotes cloud, and can be reviewed in real time through the FotoNotes Web Portal. The web portal’s customized views are easy to configure and provide managers real-time visibility into the work being completed in the field. Clients can also monitor their projects through the FotoNotes secure web portal, ensuring that their standards are met. The system also offers a simple and fast way to generate professional PDF reports of the completed work.

FotoNotes’ customizable forms and workflow enable company administrators to tailor the solution to the needs of the business with a straightforward, drag and drop interface.

Our mobile and cloud solution helps field service organizations scale effectively, save money and increase revenues through automation of processes, improved communication, and better visibility into field operations

No programming knowledge is required. Further flexibility is achieved through FotoNotes’ standard based API, which can be used to seamlessly integrate FotoNotes with other software systems.

FotoNotes’ customers gain the ability to centrally manage various tasks performed by a complex network of vendors and field staff that are spread across a variety of geographic regions. One of FotoNotes’ customers, a major property management company, needed to rapidly expand to include a number of new clients in wider geographic areas, and also incorporate hundreds of new vendors to perform the work. Leveraging FotoNotes capabilities they were able to automate the process of generating and assigning work orders, provide mobile access to vendors, and remotely control, monitor, and verify the work being performed. With FotoNotes, the customer was able to quickly and effectively grow their business.

A veteran of the software industry, CEO Kamal Shah brings over two decades of experience to the FotoNotes mission of transforming the field service industry through technology. FotoNotes prides itself on innovating, in collaboration with its customers, to solve real world problems. In the near future, FotoNotes will be expanding their R&D efforts to bring practical applications of Internet of Things and augmented reality into the hands of field service teams.


Oakland, CA

Kamal Shah, Founder & CEO

FotoNotes provides a mobile-first SaaS platform for field service management to streamline and automate field operations