Foulk Consulting: Automated ALM for Quicker Software Releases

Ryan Foulk, Founder & Managing Principal
Drastically changing consumer trends, coupled with the requirements for advanced cybersecurity, maximized uptime, and efficiencies necessitate contemporary enterprises to release new software applications and innovative features quickly. With almost two decades of IT expertise and vast industry knowledge, Ryan Foulk, Founder and Managing Principal, Foulk Consulting emphasizes on the need for companies to rely on automated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) to deliver software updates in pace with user needs. In contrast, he adds, “Enterprises struggle with automation tools that fail to scale up with business growth.” This is where Foulk Consulting manifests world class prowess offering best-in-class ALM services, consulting and automated solutions—customized to client requirements. With Foulk Consulting, IT departments can also bring in real-time communication and collaboration among software development teams in addition to gaining actionable insights into the entire application development lifecycle processes—increasing release velocity without compromising on the quality. “We have a strong foothold in the ALM landscape—whether it is for the traditional waterfall methodology or the ever growing agile space,” adds Ryan.

As an authorized reseller of HP and SAP ALM platforms, Foulk Consulting offers agile methodologies to help organizations easily handle application lifecycle— from planning and requirement gathering to testing and deployment right through to managing software development issues. The firm strides in a similar fashion in the performance and security testing arena by offering advanced security testing tools that enhance development and deployment of high-quality applications.

“Our solutions are truly application agnostic, and we adapt to our client’s needs,” continues Foulk. With a cent-percent agnostic approach, the firm can efficiently automate various kinds of application development lifecycles helping clients to concentrate more on application development rather than on updating automation tools.

We have a strong foothold in the ALM landscape—whether it is for the traditional waterfall methodology or agile space

With an unwavering commitment toward offering fit-to-purpose consulting and top notch solutions, Foulk Consulting has been a trusted partner to a multitude of enterprises including Fortune 1000 companies. Testaments are ample; a customer based in the mid-west was struggling for prolonged years with a primitive IT automation framework. The system lacked repeatability within automation lifecycles, requiring IT teams to initiate automation process every time there is a requirement. Without proper guidance and support, the client could not rope in appropriate solutions to create automated workflows. To resolve the issue, “We created an automation framework within eight weeks which the client included in their testing cycles to run as often as they wanted to,” states Foulk. Additionally, the firm also offered best-in-class training and knowledgeable insights to mentor the IT staff to deliver an outstanding throughput regarding automation.

With an impressive track record spanning over a decade, the firm is incorporating DevOps model to cater to the challenges burgeoning out of siloed development and operations teams. “We observe that there are still barriers between the development team and the operations team that need to be demolished,” remarks Foulk. “We are diligently working toward bestowing clients with comprehensive DevOps models that facilitate access to information from a single pane of glass and capabilities to understand the health of the organization in a given time.”

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Ryan Foulk, Founder & Managing Principal

Offers end-to-end ALM services to help organizations with agile methodologies to easily handle application lifecycle

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