Foundation SP: Building Bridges for Strategic Business Value

Simon Walker, CSO & Chairman
Headquartered in Reading, UK, Foundation SP, an information technology and services consultancy, offers strategic collaboration solutions that carry authentic business payback and cost savings. The company provides a wide-range of superior services to hold up the planning, design, development, deployment and management of solutions that “build bridges” to connect people, systems and processes across a client’s entire business eco-system. The experience of Foundation SP spans numerous industries with a range of customers from charity organizations to hefty international enterprises.

One of the business leaders is Simon Walker, Chief Strategy Officer and Chairman, who is fervent about the Microsoft productivity stack (SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Office 365, Azure and Yammer). They are a contributor of solutions built with a careful merging of business and technical know-how. Providing high quality services, the company’s strategic and practical approach guarantees that their customers recognize the business value and execute first class solutions. With its target business model—'The Engaged Enterprise,’ they execute robust, enhanced solutions to guarantee that the customers receive business payback from their deployments.

Foundation SP assists its clients to deal with the intrinsic challenges of integrating a business– connecting silo’s and removing a stovepipe mentality allowing their clients to respond to the challenges of the digitally enabled world. They make sense of the expansive and powerful potential of the Microsoft stack. They convey brisk “out of the box” or custom solutions for Collaboration, Communities, Knowledge Management, Information Management, Process Management and Social Business. The company advocates a strategic approach and believes that SharePoint implementations are gained more by planning strategically whilst deploying rapidly and tactically.
Foundation SP is also a member of the Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Program with its capability to congregate Microsoft’s consumer’s evolving requirements in today’s dynamic cloud marketplace. “We are really excited to be part of Microsoft’s Cloud Accelerate Program. Our customers are increasingly requesting hybrid-cloud solutions that provide them with better collaborative environments. Being a part of this program helps us to evolve from being a specialist SharePoint practice, to encompass the wider Microsoft stack. It is great news for our customers as we can better meet their needs by continuing to deliver first-class collaborative solutions,” says Walker.

Foundation SP differentiates itself with the methodology of thoroughly understanding the clients’ business problems before focusing on a technology and solution. The company has built customized services that comprise business change and transformation to help business collaborate and connect more effectively through the use of technology. “We always ensure that we address governance, adoption and engagement in our solutions to make sure the full return on investment is gained,” says Walker.

Out of many success stories Foundation SP has under their belt, the work completed with multiple Defense related Systems Integrators is often their flagship helping large scale organizations collaborate and comply with strict Information Management policies (especially controls with handling highly classified data), across geographical boundaries. Foundation SP were awarded global Partner of the Year (Portals and Collaboration) for their high quality and innovative work in this area.

“Going forward, we want to continue to grow our business and the services it provides. At the same time we want to demonstrate to our clients that we are thought leaders in our space and understand better than anyone else the challenges associated with creating truly connected business models – ones that engage their clients, workforce and partners to create truly agile companies that break the mould.” concludes Walker.


Reading, UK

Simon Walker, CSO & Chairman

Information technology and servicing company that provides strategic collaboration solutions to deliver real business benefits and cost savings