FourStop: One-Stop Global Compliance

Ingo Ernst, Co-founder & CEO
Ingo Ernst, an enthusiastic FinTech entrepreneur with a decade-long experience in developing risk management and compliance software, believes that risk management is ideally a combination of compliance, Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and monitoring customer behavior and their transactions. According to Ernst, a key impediment to rationalized risk-based approach is the task of integrating disparate data sources at various customer touchpoints, as enterprises often face issues with data harmonization. Meanwhile, regulatory bodies across verticals related to online payments continue to impose a strict regulations framework, making it imperative for enterprises to have a foolproof KYC and risk management solution in place. Equipped with extensive experience in risk and compliance within the FinTech arena, the technologist quartet of Ingo Ernst, Alvaro Kurth, Nolan Bolusan, and Daniel Alvarado, co-founded FourStop to provide a one-stop-shop for KYC, compliance and fraud prevention, in a manner that was simplistic to integrate with one API and allowed businesses to effortlessly manage their risk and compliance requirements today and in the future. They have successfully built 4Stop to do just that. Through a single API integration, businesses can future-proof their organization through hundreds of high-quality data sources that 4Stop has integrated into their platform coupled with proprietary real-time intelligent anti-fraud technology, to have a consolidated view of risk.

FourStop offers a unified back-office management system to handle global data sources in real-time to ensure that businesses are able to activate and deploy the required KYC packages for compliance in case of regulation updates. By integrating the touch points—registration, deployment, transferrals, and payouts during the entire customer journey, FourStop KYC services enable payment service providers, direct merchants, e-wallets, acquiring banks and new business models such as Crypto exchanges to perform additional validation, verification, or authentication along with general risk screening. FourStop’s exceptionally flexible platform services offer the widest range of KYC data sources that have been pre-programmed with thousands of anti-fraud parameters. Additionally, the firm’s compliance solutions conform to the top local regulatory frameworks—Payment Services (PSD2), Fourth Money Laundering Directive (4MLD) or the more recent 5MLD—to further a client’s KYC compliance and risk management initiative.
“It’s not just about preventing fraud or addressing compliance gaps. We enable businesses to grow and expand quickly and efficiently through a single integration,” explains Ernst. “We allow them to easily obtain compliance and premium anti-fraud tools to empower their business and maximize their business performance output.”

FourStop’s approach to bring the best-in-class together is evident in their global coverage and service capabilities with a very granular level of rules around them. The firm’s ability to deliver risk management from a both “regulatory framework” and “overall risk of business” perspective is being leveraged by their clientele that includes some of the largest enterprises. For instance, FourStop recently partnered with a U.S.-based payment institution with plans for aggressive expansion across the global payment market. The client faced issues associated with the unavailability of local data sources, KYC, compliance and risk management resources. A full-fledged integration of FourStop’s KYC and compliance solution allowed the client to aggressively enter new markets without worrying about the regulatory framework.

It’s not just about preventing fraud or addressing compliance gaps. We enable businesses to grow and expand quickly and efficiently through a single integration

Guided by the commitment to make it easier for clients to understand the data source usage and risk management setup within the customer journey, FourStop has already integrated a multitude of data sources and is on a constant lookout to integrate more to complement their risk and compliance services. With a focus on accelerated growth, FourStop has established multiple global distribution partnerships as a part of their re-seller network to resell their solutions as white-labelled or value-added products.


Cologne, Germany

Ingo Ernst, Co-founder & CEO

Delivers a one-stop solution for KYC, compliance, and fraud prevention