FoyerLive: Omnichannel Retail Experience Platform

Dean Flynn, CEO
Way back when internet was gaining prevalence, Dean Flynn, CEO, FoyerLive throttled his ride from the nascent era of digitization to witness its meteoric headway. Little did he know that this journey would help him to design solutions that crossover from the online to the physical world, which later sparked the existence of FoyerLive. The company was formed to improve customer satisfaction with the physical shopping experience, by empowering retailers with digital solutions for their stores that meet changing customer expectations’ and lead to increased sales.

“Our platform empowers bricks and mortar retailers to make the physical shopping experience smarter—by introducing digital content and endless aisle solutions in to their stores,” ratifies a very enthusiastic Flynn.

FoyerLive provides a cloud-hosted solution, which does not require retailers to procure a hosting space, installation, and management as this part of the services is provided by the company. Retail store owners are only required to install the media player. After it goes online, the solution displays a four digit code to enter into the cloud management interface, and it is then instantly manageable. The solution leverages a retailer’s existing platforms such as eCommerce and Order Management Systems to obtain product details and process orders, significantly reducing implementation and ongoing management overheads. This intelligent integrated model delivers an easy-to-implement and cost-effective solution for retailers to digitize their physical stores.

FoyerLive imports product details and assets and displays them on touch-friendly interfaces for customers to interact with in store to access the specific details that they want. Equally, retail associates can incorporate the touch screen solution into their sales process to show customers additional product details, highlighting specific features and images or video for the product that a customer is interested in. By using FoyerLive, retailers can update products and marketing campaigns on the website and “the updates flow through to our in-store system ensuring that details are always up to date,” points out Flynn.

Additionally, FoyerLive overcomes the security concern and safeguarding continuity of service. With centralized control through cloud management, the latest security fixes are automatically applied, and the health of each screen is monitored continually.

Our platform empowers bricks and mortar retailers with the capabilities to make the physical shopping experience smarter

If there are any problems, automated notifications alert about the cause, and the device can be remotely restarted avoiding costly on-site visits from support staff.

Specifically built to enable retailers and provide customers with omnichannel capabilities in-store, FoyerLive reduces the overheads for implementation by integrating and adding power into their existing infrastructure and system capabilities. The founders of FoyerLive have spent the last 15 years working on eCommerce and online projects; FoyerLive is the product of applying online intelligence to the traditional shopping experience.

For instance, one of the leading sportswear companies saw the opportunity to provide customers with access to their full inventory in their physical stores. “Through seamless integration between the FoyerLive touch screen endless aisle solution and their eCommerce platform, we were able to import product details and images, cache them at the device, and provide a fast and beautiful touch screen experience that gives customers access to product details and the opportunity to purchase products that are out of stock or unavailable in that store using our check out mobile payment solution,” highlights Flynn.

FoyerLive acts as the central facilitator of interaction between customers and stores by making digitization as ubiquitous in the store as it is in our every day lives. Moving on in the same thread, FoyerLive also plans to include its newest innovative, content personalization, and dynamic intelligence into its feature catalog. “Leveraging our digital store ecosystem, retailers and their creative agencies can deliver the next generation of in-store shopping experience,” concludes Flynn.


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Dean Flynn, CEO

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