FPX: Single Application Platform for Multi- Channel Management

Dave Batt, CEO
From a very young age, Dave Batt enjoyed mastering difficult challenges with innovative solutions. Batt brings this lifelong passion and pursuit of excellence to FPX, the pioneering inventor of the Configure-Price-Quote® (CPQ) applications. “Leading a company like FPX satisfies not only my hunger for competition, but also for incredibly complex problem-solving,” says Batt, CEO, FPX. With enthusiasm for invention, Batt and his team are solving the biggest issues affecting businesses today.

We provide a single application platform that bridges all points of sales and service, spanning the gap between CRM and ERP systems

Batt believes that, across the world, companies are focused on achieving greater sales effectiveness by selling products and services that align with the very specific needs of individual customers. To do so successfully requires sales solutions that transcend the ability of traditional CPQ tools. FPX, with more than three decades of proven experience in thought leadership, is well suited to meet this challenge. “Our customers gain a single application platform that bridges all points of sales and service, creating a unified application for optimizing revenue performance across multi-channel interaction systems,” notes Batt. “Clients gain a better way to sell by replacing siloed IT products and bridging the gap on manual business processes spanning CRM and ERP systems,” he adds.

FPX provides companies with a broad spectrum of Predictive Applications™ that leverage the competitive advantages of the cloud without the constraints of a single platform. “We combine a predictive analytics engine with each of our applications,” affirms Batt. “Using this integrated turnkey application, companies can leverage prescriptive guidance to achieve the best business outcome at any point of interaction, easily and efficiently,” he explains. “Our ability to deliver on these business benefits is based on a unique set of product capabilities,” observes Batt.
Today, only FPX has the structured application that allows companies to create and maintain commercial definitions and relationships for customer definitions that sit in CRM systems, product catalogs that reside in ERP systems, price books that are often maintained in spreadsheets, and business rules that is tribal knowledge stored in peoples’ heads. This capability enables clients to implement global projects in a matter of months as opposed to years, at a fraction of the cost of their current IT systems. Other significant FPX differentiators include front office applications and predictive analytics that allow companies to move from mere product quotes to robust guided selling.

“Our products are open and agnostic, but we recognized a strategic opportunity with SAP,” notes Batt. Over the past year, FPX has moved nearly 100 percent of its product portfolios to operate natively with SAP products; few vendors are able to do that. “The fact that we are agnostic allows us to source from any environment, operating system or database,” he adds.

For an elaborate understanding of FPX’s prowess, consider the case involving Fujitsu Network Communications, a U.S. based manufacturer of network equipment. Until recently, every Fujitsu sales engineer maintained an individual Excel spreadsheet. No centralized quote storage, no records of offerings and no integration of quotes with the order process all cost Fujitsu countless hours of re-work and lost sales opportunities. Dave Hawkins, VP of Sales Engineering, Sales Operations and Commercial Management, Fujitsu says, “We chose FPX because they had a platform that was integrated well with Salesforce and seemed to do everything we needed. They brought a whole different approach from our other vendors. It felt more like a partnership, than a vendor/ customer relationship.”

FPX has invested more than 30 percent of its gross income back into R&D. One dividend has allowed FPX to unite tools that have never lived together into structured front office applications. Moving ahead, the company plans multiple major releases across their application platform. “Our focus is not just on cloud computing, but also emerging technologies, such as mobile and Internet of Things,” concludes Batt.


Dallas, TX

Dave Batt, CEO

On-premise or in the cloud, FPX’s Predictive Applications work seamlessly to transform any business process spanning CRM and ERP systems. With FPX, SAP customers can significantly increase revenue performance while lowering costs and errors associated with manual sales and order-management processes.