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Jeff Dance, CEO
With the dawn of new technological devices and interfaces, a significant share of enterprise applications are designed with APIs for web and mobile access in order to deliver a platform agnostic user experience and a system of collaboration. However, challenges arise as organizations struggle to create user-friendly interfaces when developing their own tools that compete with their SaaS counterparts. “Modern day enterprises are not doing enough user testing or following a UX design process, where one can analyze patterns and see usability issues. As a result, enterprise employees are utilizing non-approved and insecure tools that are simply easier to use in the short term” begins Jeff Dance, CEO of Fresh Consulting.

Moreover, there is not enough iteration done at the design stage of enterprise development, resulting in issues later on in the development lifecycle that often end in a significant re-write. “IT is typically light on designers and is jumping into large development projects without design planning and without incorporating enough user input, which is one of the tenets of agile development,” says Dance. As a team of designers, developers, and digital strategists, Fresh Consulting’s core service is design-led development. “We offer both UX design services and full stack development services for enterprise applications, mobile applications, and websites. Anything that has an interface should have user testing and UX design as part of the development lifecycle,” he adds. The company helps organizations create and develop user-friendly enterprise applications, and transform ideas into new web or mobile app products.

Before projects roll into full on execution, the company takes an advisory or consultative position up front to assist organizations with UX design and advise on all layers of the technology stack. “We are platform and technology agnostic to advise independently, with deep knowledge on both the Microsoft and OpenSource platforms. We have supporting knowledge with cloud-based offerings that can adjunct custom development,” points out Dance. The company also advises how to integrate with other useful or existing systems and how to phase the build for budgets and devices.

We offer both UX design services and full stack development services for enterprise applications, mobile applications, and websites

The company can build on most organization’s existing systems and advises on the best solutions, positioning themselves as a fairly comprehensive provider in the digital development space. Fresh Consulting differentiates from other custom developers by being more design centric, more comprehensive, and including more innovation heavy processes. That’s why the company stresses user experience design, user testing, prototype building, design thinking, and even its own innovation process.

In one such instance, Fresh Consulting built a large custom workflow application for a well known wireless provider after several small upfront strategy projects that helped the company find off-the-shelf solutions for some basic needs. Fresh Consulting’s custom built user-friendly workflow solution helped the team be twice as efficient with their online workflow and significantly increased process awareness for employees, contractors, and government agencies. The custom application was built on a cloud-based infrastructure and after the success of the first, eventually integrated five different systems into one.

Fresh Consulting also develops its own software. For example, the company recently built and launched their first version of—a platform for quickly building and documenting tech stacks. And to support innovative collaboration with their clients, Fresh Consulting is rolling out, a platform for everyday team innovation.

In addition to Seattle headquarters, Fresh Consulting has UK and Asia Pacific-based offices. With their customer-oriented high quality team, Fresh Consulting’s team of 50 and list of high profile clients will continue to grow with the evolving enterprise web application industry in the upcoming years.

Fresh Consulting

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Jeff Dance, CEO

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