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Over a game of golf, now CEO, Mike Knaisch expressed his interest in being a part of Front Porch Digital. This statement opened up a CEO opportunity way back in 2002. knaisch was given the task of stabilizing Front Porch Digital and accelerating the company into the digital migration and Content Storage Management arenas. Over the past decade, digital archiving has evolved two-fold. In the early stages, the approach was an inefficient non-scalable model. Today, digital archiving presents the need to be attached to a central repository and be controlled by automated workflow applications. “Connection to the central repository along with the publishing capability is critical to scaling your content storage management system,” says Mike Knaisch, CEO, Front Porch Digital. Front Porch Digital has been at the heart of digital file based workflows for more than ten years. With the advent of online video publishing in 2010, the company’s mission critical workflow solutions combine critical video-aware file management coupled with integration to the leading systems and tools in media operations.The company’s product offerings are encompassed by DIVASolutions. DIVASolutions bridges the gap between the proprietary applications in the customer’s process and data archives creating a cohesive content storage management system that ensures smart storage and easy asset access. At the core of the DIVASolutions product offerings are DIVArchive, DIVAdirector, and DIVApublish.DIVArchiveis the only Content Storage Management solution that provides bit accurate checksums throughout the workflow.

“I would definitely like to run a piece of the business,”-Knaisch.

DIVArchive is the only Content Storage Management solution that provides bit accurate checksums throughout the workflow. DIVAdirector is a Digital Asset Management system that gives you full control of the assets housed in DIVArchive via a familiar interface, allowing you to quickly locate access and manage your media. DIVApublish is a powerhouse streamlined online video platform for publishing and multi-channel content monetization.Front Porch Digital’s SAMMA technology allows users the ability to easily migrate ancestral analog video files to digital files while preserving the quality. SAMMArobot and SAMMAsolo provide a patented media migration process designed to provide archive quality migration of videotape content to multiple file formats in one single pass. The company has earned the role as a trusted adviser among its prestigious clients. For instance, when DAMsmart a specialist provider of digitization services in the Australia and Asia Pacific region faced a challenge in the creation of realistic project time frames and costs, Front Porch Digital’s SAMMAsolo platform proved to be the ideal solution. “The digitization of large collections of audio and visual traditionally could take years and the attached costs were simply unsustainable. SAMMAsolo brought a significant reduction in the project cost and time, and has given us the ability to create multiple formats simultaneously in real time,” says Joe Kelly, Media Migration Manager, DAMsmart. The company’s newest offering, LYNX, is an integrated cloud based environment for managing assets on a global scale, from any device and any location. With LYNX, users are able to replace or augment in-house, capital intensive content storage management equipment with private, public, or hybrid cloud services. LYNX users pay only for usage. With installations in more than 70 countries, and over 600 customers worldwide Knaisch plans to focus on growing the company outside of the media and entertainment space. Front Porch Digital offers a package of products that uniquely meets the needs specific to the content storage management industry. “The increased buzz around the cloud has prompted us to make sure our cloud offering continues to advance further and further,” adds Knaisch.

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