Frontdesk Anywhere: Pioneering Hospitality Software Migration to the Cloud

Thomas Lyle, CEO
The Cloud has revolutionized many industries over the past 10 years but the hospitality industry has largely been neglected despite having so many areas that could benefit from all that Cloud Computing has to offer. The industry, with its dispersed sales channels and points of delivery (think front desk) has tackled these issues for decades with workarounds and expensive systems patched together.

Founded in 2009, Frontdesk Anywhere has made it its mission to bring the power and efficiencies of Cloud computing to the lodging industry with its innovative technology and user-friendly approach. Thomas Lyle, CEO and co-founder of Frontdesk Anywhere along with fellow co-founder and CTO Joe Kiernan believe that every property, whether a hotel, motel, inn, resort or even RV park should have access toa modern cloud-based property management system to run their business; a system which increasessales and efficiency’s through online distribution, revenue management andprocess automationwhile reducing costs across the board. Their customers share that sentiment with nearly 50% of them migrating to Frontdesk Anywhere specifically because they wanted a powerful Cloud based solution in addition to more security, flexibility and reliability.

Frontdesk Anywhereis a rapidly deployable hotel management system that fundamentally simplifies the way hotels manage their online distribution, guest relations and onsite operations by merging the sales and operational aspects of entire hotel chains into one unified system.

Being a cloud-based system, there is no software to install and it can be accessed from anywhere

The platform performs the job of many disparate systems including booking engine, channel management and revenue management. “It centralizes all this into one easy to useplatform–an all-in-one hotel management solution,” explains Lyle.

The software manages room inventory, reservations, rates and availability and communicates this information to the world’s leading booking websites via 2-way XML connections. This ensures properties of all sizes can maximize their online exposure, increase revenue and reduce the time and cost it takes to update rooms. Frontdesk Anywhere also connects directly with travel agents communicating real-time availability and pricing specials. As front desk agents check-in guests,room status updates are automatically shared with housekeeping and maintenance crews keeping everything in sync.

“Being headquartered in Silicon Valley, our company culture is steeped in innovation and that is where we have a competitive advantage. We’re going to redefine what a property management system is and does, now that it’s in the cloud.”

Frontdesk Anywhere

San Francisco, CA

Thomas Lyle, CEO

Frontdesk Anywhere is a leading provider of innovative hotel management software for independent properties, chains and management groups. The company is focused on converging processes traditionally performed by separate systems into a single all-inone productivity application