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JR Jenkins, Sr. Director, Product Marketing
Imagine an average corporate email inbox, holding thousands of emails that can include attachments, audio files and links to social media and online collaboration tools. Now imagine your company of 10,000 global employees has just been alerted to a lawsuit, or is being investigated for fraud, and like many legal teams, you don’t know the reason for the lawsuit or investigation just yet and don’t know the employees involved. How do you find the relevant information to begin developing case strategy? How do you ensure that you find and produce all of the relevant documents in accordance with federal rules? What if the activity is fraudulent in nature and the employees are trying to hide their activities?

These are some of the common concerns corporate legal teams grapple with in the age of Big Data. Increasingly, data visualization is an important tool in helping lawyers, IT, compliance and information governance professionals quickly find and hone in on important materials.

“Legal teams need to identify relevant information, eliminate irrelevant items, and build appropriate strategies to the legal matter within a short period of time,” says JR Jenkins, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, FTI Technology. FTI Technology provides e-discovery software and services to help organizations understand their data and proactively address investigations, litigation, and regulatory issues. “Our data visualization software and services help organizations navigate large data volumes to find facts fast. Given that an average Fortune 1000 company is managing hundreds of matters at any one time, data visualization is a real game-changer,” says Jenkins.

During the discovery phase of litigation, legal teams have traditionally guessed at keywords related to a legal matter to run searches across all the emails and documents to find relevant information.

Our clients rely on our software, services, and expertise for matters ranging from internal investigations to large-scale litigation with global e-discovery requirements

FTI Technology’s visual analytics software, Ringtail, helps take the guesswork out of the electronic discovery process. Ringtail uses patented algorithms to organize documents into clusters based on concepts the documents have in common, providing a visual overview of their relationships to each other. A cluster is a group of documents containing the same concepts automatically identified using nouns and noun phrases. For example, documents containing the nouns fiber, thread, fabric and material might cluster together, but separately from those containing nouns relating to fiber optics — high-speed transmission, gigabyte and multiplexing.

As users browse through these details, the software can recluster documents dynamically so that if users click on a set of documents relating to fiber optics, the users can have those remaining documents recluster by their similar concepts, such as invoices, services and maintenance.

FTI Technology continues its data visualization innovation to ensure that in the age of Big Data, organizations can control, understand and act upon its information. FTI Technology was also included in the ‘Leaders’ quadrant of Gartner’s ‘Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software’ report (Jie Zhang, Garth Landers, May 18, 2015).

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JR Jenkins, Sr. Director, Product Marketing

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