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Madan Kalakuntla, Chairman & Managing Director
YJU’s, an ed-tech startup and online tutoring company acclaimed for its highly comprehensive approach to imparting education, was pitted against enormous challenges. In the very beginning of the journey, BYJU’s had to develop a student app with a very user-friendly interface, since a minor glitch or spreading of wrong information could be a matter of success or failure for students. For BYJU’s, making learning an interactive and personalized experience while safeguarding user data was also critical to stand apart from its competitors. Also, aware of performance and battery-life optimization that is associated with any data-heavy mobile app, BYJU’s was determined to untangle all these intricacies. In FuGenX Technologies, BYJU’s found a mobile application developer that can address all their concerns. The Plano, TX-based FuGenX Technologies planned the application roadmap, prototyped the interface, tested personal mentor features, and implemented the features after ascertaining the congruency of end-result and client expectation. The mobile app won appreciation from Mark Zuckerberg, CEO &Founder of FaceBook; G V Ravishankar, Sequoia Capital India; Maxence Tombeur, Sofina, and others; and funding from Sequoia Capital, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and others.

“Today, we have an impressive clientele that includes BYJU’s, Big Basket, Bharat Petroleum Corporation, Al Ansari Exchange and numerous others,” states Madan Kalakuntla, Chairman & Managing Director, FuGenX Technologies.

Kalakuntla observes that industries are going through relentless change, and to gain competitive advantage, solution providers are dynamic, flexible and simultaneously offering comprehensive solutions which sophisticatedly tackle the most complex of issues. He shares a secret sauce to head on the business challenges faced by clients, “We see teamwork as something essential to inculcate flexibility across the organization, and which in turn results in achieving client goals with more efficiency.”

FuGenX’s expertise in mobile application development arena is extensive and inclusive of iPhone and web apps development proficiency. As a prelude to the application deployment, the company performs extensive content research and in-depth analysis of business requirements and sets project-specific goals. FuGenX ensures that all aspects of product development are addressed with transparency, and the client is kept in the loop.

We see teamwork as something essential to inculcate flexibility across the organization, and which in turn results in achieving client goals with more efficiency

Initially, FuGenX focuses on determining hairline cracks and vulnerabilities, and ensures that its app frameworks are secure and free of loopholes. The company recognizes the significance of user-friendly UX and UI design and its team of UX designers focuses on delivering an engaging user experience. It ensures that design is inclusive of critical factors which are essential to render frictionless scrolling. FuGenX determines forms, links, and navigation pages in accordance with the niche and as a part of delivering great user experience.

After requirement analysis, FuGenX initiates the project, and its team of developers leads the process with Agile Methodology. Using cloud-based services, the company collaborates with the clients and updates them about the milestones achieved. FuGenX envisages chatbots integration, machine learning, enterprise mobility, cloud services, and accelerated mobile pages as the foundation of the most game-changing technological advancements and incorporates them in its applications.

The testing process follows the development phase. In this part of application development lifecycle, FuGenX examines critical components like flow, functionality, integrity, security of the app in different testing environments. Eventually, the company helps in fulfilling the norms and launching the app on Google Play Store and App Store.

Going forward, FuGenX will focus on app development initiatives and target the integration of advanced machine learning algorithms. While developing solutions based on these next-gen technologies, the company looks forward to foraying into the Internet of Things. FuGenX’s future goal is to come up with groundbreaking innovations in mobile space; and to achieve that, the company is already implementing breakthrough ideas in design and development of apps powered by AI.

FuGenX Technologies

Plano, TX

Madan Kalakuntla, Chairman & Managing Director

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FuGenX Technologies