Full 360: Delivering BI and Datawarehousing Platforms with AWS

Rohit Amarnath, Founder and CTO
Curiosity is what drives Rohit Amarnath, the CEO of Full 360, and it reflects in the innovation and problem solving capabilities that he built into his team. After building a massive Oracle data warehouse and (Hyperion) Business Intelligence (BI) platform for a German Bank in the early 2000, Amarnath realized the need for managed data warehousing as a service. With the advent of the first elastic compute offering by AWS in 2007, Amarnath seized the opportunity build out his vision for a managed BI-(Infrastructure)-as-a-Service through Full 360.

Headquartered in New York, Full 360 currently specializes in building and hosting complex BI and Data Warehousing solutions in the cloud. They provide consulting, hosting, and managed services for Vertica, Jaspersoft BI, and the Oracle EPM Suite. Being an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and systems integrator with expertise in the Amazon cloud, Full 360 enjoys valuable benefits including deeper technical engagement with AWS Solution Architects and preferred access to AWS beta programs and the AWS Partner Advisory Council.

“There is a dearth of deep expertise in how to design and run systems in the cloud—a lot of hype and hyperbole—but a very few practitioners have worked and built systems in the cloud like we have. Now we are positioned experts in two rarified fields and uniquely positioned as the ‘go to’ experts for the intersection of data warehousing and BI in the cloud,” says Amarnath.

Full 360 heavily rely on AWS Elastic Compute (EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for their solution offerings. It is the only cloud provider that has the infrastructure to support a 100+ node, petabyte sized Vertica cluster that we built recently. “We heavily employ DevOps methods along with AWS tools like Cloud Formation to ‘design for failure,’ a cloud mantra,” explains Amarnath. They have also created some proprietary tools that leverage AWS S3 and Glacier as a means to collect data from multiple sources and feed it into AWS Redshift or Vertica on demand.

Full 360 was inaugural partners for the AWS Redshift launch and was able to add Redshift as one of their options when architecting solutions for their customers.
“We are firm believers in using columnar databases like Redshift for data warehousing, and our solutions outperform non columnar data warehouses on a regular basis, when comparisons are made. It is easy to stay ahead of the competition when we can offer unlimited scale, faster performance and still be cheaper,” excerpts Amarnath.

Full 360 has helped many clients across various verticals including Aviation, Gaming, Banking, Healthcare with their cloud based solutions. They have solved a number of challenges for their customers, in the past year including capturing gaming behavior events on a real-time basis and feeding it into an analytics platform for three different gaming and gamification companies. In addition, they integrated sub-ledger financial transactions and General Ledger transactions for reconciliation, allocations, and finance operations analysis for a West Coast Bank.

For an airline client, a web based Frequent Flyer points calculating engine using rules and data from the data warehouse and constructed mobile delivery for passenger manifest information for cabin crews.

Most recently, they worked on testing the feasibility and performance of one of the world’s largest Vertica clusters in the cloud for a gaming company.

Full 360 has a cultural emphasis to “get things done” and foresee continuing to build systems for their customers in new and innovative ways. “We are integrating containerization into our deployment processes and feel that that is where things are headed. We foresee getting closer and closer to an ideal managed reporting and data analysis and BI PaaS,” concludes Amarnath.

We heavily rely on AWS Elastic Compute (EC2) and S3 for our solution offerings

Full 360 was also recently recognized as a CIO Review Most Promising 100 Oracle Solution Provider, and is uniquely recognized by the AWS and Oracle lists.

Full 360

New York, NY

Rohit Amarnath, Founder and CTO

Full 360 provides the elasticBI™ platform featuring Jaspersoft, Vertica and Oracle Hyperion (EPM) Suite on the Amazon Web Services Cloud.