Full Circle CRM: Get Key Insights into Marketing's Impact on Revenue

Bonnie Crater, President & CEO
“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’ know which half,” said John Wanamaker, a pioneer of marketing. Companies spend millions of dollars on marketing programs to increase the brand value and visibility of their products but often fail to determine which campaigns proved most valuable. Full Circle CRM, a San Mateo, CA based company answers the mystery of the ’missing half‘ with its Marketing Performance Management solutions. Full Circle CRM builds native Salesforce applications that provide users with customizable weighted campaign influence models, integrated sales and marketing funnels, and a complete response lifecycle management solution.

With Full Circle CRM, marketers can accurately understand campaign performance and marketing’s contribution to revenue. “Full Circle CRM provides the only system that gives you an accurate accounting of every response, campaign and the impact marketing is having on business—all within the Salesforce platform,” says Bonnie Crater, President and CEO, Full Circle CRM.

The only system that gives you a complete and accurate account of your marketing results in Salesforce

Full Circle CRM offers out-of-the-box campaign influence models that calculate influence starting with touch analysis- a combination of first touch, last touch, and tipping point (the marketing campaign that drives sales engagement) campaigns within defined time periods. “We go further by letting you customize weighting and timing rules by any criteria—including type of campaign, product line, industry segment, or time element,” says Crater. Clients get fully customized campaign attribution and influence reports which provide better insights into marketing ROI and how marketing affects revenue.

Gaining visibility into the sales and marketing mix using the Salesforce platform and marketing automation systems is painful for many companies because each of these systems store data in different ways.
Full Circle CRM bridges the gap between these platforms and tracks every detailed response and the outcomes of marketing campaigns with complete transparency inside of Salesforce. The company’s main product has three Marketing Performance Management modules—Response Lifecycle Management, Marketing and Sales Intelligence, and Campaign Influence and Attribution, which come integrated with the Full Circle Response Management product to transform the current lead and contact processes for Salesforce and ensure follow-up on every campaign response.

“Full Circle CRM offers solutions built on the Salesforce platform, which is our main differentiating factor,” says Crater. Any company using the Salesforce platform can use Full Circle CRM’s products for its marketing measurement needs. Another distinguishing factor is how it extends the functionality of the Salesforce platform to include details of every lead—from how it came into the system, how it is used and what the result is.

The company’s unique ability to solve key marketing pain points has earned them an illustrious clientele. “Our first sets of customers were largely from high tech businesses, because they were the early adaptors of the Salesforce. Now we have expanded into financial services, manufacturing, consumer goods, e-commerce and others,” says Crater. Box, Trust Company of America and Bulldog Solutions, among others, are a few of the company’s clients. Another example is Xactly, a leading provider of cloud-based incentive solutions that uses Full Circle Response Management to gain visibility into the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns. “We are now able to see the true performance of our marketing campaigns and leverage our marketing budget accordingly to maximize revenue,” says Hanne Venables, Director, Marketing Operations, Xactly.

Recently, the company released its campaign influence functionality that comes integrated with Full Circle Response Management as a standalone solution to enable marketers to better measure the performance of their marketing campaigns. Full Circle CRM will keep innovating to tackle other marketing measurement challenges and bring better insights into the impact of marketing campaigns on sales.

Full Circle CRM

San Mateo, CA

Bonnie Crater, President & CEO

The Full Circle CRM product gives marketers a full response lifecycle management solution, ensures every deal is attributed to the right campaign so you can get accurate ROI.