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Bonnie Crater, CEO
Marketers today often struggle to get accurate data that reflects how marketing campaigns contribute to the revenue and how sales interact with the marketing leads. With her in-depth marketing expertise, Bonnie Crater, former Salesforce Senior Vice President and a marketing veteran felt a tremendous need to effectively manage marketing data to drive revenue. “We wanted to figure out what exactly happens to the leads, gathered from the marketing campaigns. I needed a set of data that could accurately show me the process issues which prevent better revenue generation,” says Bonnie, CEO of Full Circle Insights. To address this challenge, Bonnie along with other former Salesforce executives, product managers, and marketing automation specialists co-founded Full Circle Insights to deliver reliable marketing performance management solution built on top of the Salesforce App Cloud to help marketers grow revenue for their companies.

“We developed the Response Management and Campaign Influence solutions to assist companies in measuring the results of their marketing programs and facilitate effective decision making,” says Bonnie. Full Circle’s marketing performance management software—Response Management, provides a robust lead lifecycle module to transform the process of capturing data in Salesforce; while Campaign Influence assists in getting a complete picture of how marketing influences revenue. “Our suite of solutions let marketers gain end to end visibility into all their marketing investments,” says Bonnie. “It helps them to prioritize strategic and sophisticated campaigns for generating bigger impact.”

Full Circle Insights provides data, and analysis to optimize an enterprise’s entire marketing portfolio across products, segments, regions and generate accurate campaign ROI. By utilizing that data, Full Circle’s solution for marketing operation delivers better visibility into their marketing metrics. For instance, “if a company leverages Salesforce platform along with some marketing automation software, the management might encounter challenges to integrate and store both sales and marketing data in a single database,” expresses Bonnie. “Our cloud native software bridges the gap between sales and marketing data by effectively tracking detailed information about all responses and their sales follow up,” she delineates.

We have developed Response Management and Campaign Influence solutions that assist companies in measuring the results of their marketing programs and facilitate effective decision making

With the help of Full Circle, marketers can effectively follow up on the leads untouched or disqualified. It gives full visibility into every lead that remains untouched by sales. “Our solutions measure the actionable responses across leads and contacts in a single report that ensures sales uncover all revenue and lead generation possibility from campaigns,” Bonnie says. It finally allows sales and marketing teams to work together as they can see the same data from a single database all within the Salesforce platform.

A growing social web recruiting platform Jobvite partnered with Full Circle to align its marketing efforts, sales funnel for reviving the company's growth and investment strategies. "We needed to measure marketing's impact on the sales pipeline and revenue accurately and consistently so that we can make better business decisions," observes Matt Singer, Vice President of Marketing, Jobvite. By delivering the ability to generate accurate marketing and sales data analytics, Jobvite was able to double its leads which in turn resulted in a twofold increase in revenue. Having a single source of trusted data played a key role in helping the company meet their revenue goals and successfully secure Series C funding.

For the road ahead, the company will continue to generate new and innovative solutions for marketers that will make marketing campaigns easy to execute. “We will continue to help marketers understand the impact of marketing campaigns on pipeline and revenue so they can optimize their budget around those metrics,” ends Bonnie.

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Bonnie Crater, CEO

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