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Mark Scott, CEO
In an era where businesses are investing heavily on digital technologies, ServiceNow has emerged as the enabler of digital transformation. However, most companies face difficulty in taking their ServiceNow investments to fruition due to lack of expertise, knowledge, and experience in operating the ServiceNow platform. Founded in 2006, Fully Managed (earlier MSPWorx), is a global managed service provider that specializes in IT process innovation based on the ServiceNow platform. The company is focused on modernizing IT service delivery by combining Enterprise Service Management (ESM) with 24×7 Service Desk, IT automation, and Remote ServiceNow Administration(RSA). With an aim to help mid-market and enterprise companies align their IT investments with business goals, Fully Managed has introduced GrandCentral ITSM, a platform that offers a fully-functional, enterprise-grade ServiceNow- ‘as-a-Service.’ In an interview with CIO Applications, Marco La Vecchia, EVP, and GM of Fully Managed, gives insights into how they help companies drive their ServiceNow ROI and remain at the leading edge of IT innovation.

Tell us about the journey of Fully Managed so far.

Having started as a traditional managed service provider that offered IT support services for medium and large organizations we witnessed ServiceNow’s rise as the leading ITSM platform globally. We began to see our customers’ desire to integrate with the ServiceNow platform. As we evaluated the platform, we, however, recognized significant barriers to entry, including upfront and implementation costs. To help companies gain control over their business process execution with complete IT service visibility, we introduced the concept of ‘Managed ITSM’. Our services and platform then allowed organizations to improve their end-user experiences and increase efficiencies through IT optimization and modernization. We could enable our clients to consume enterprise technology based on their unique needs. Today, a company can either purchase the traditional ServiceNow platform or buy our multi- tenant GrandCentral ITSM platform, which is less expensive and can be up and running in a matter of weeks because of our automated onboarding process. The technologies and services we offer are apt for organizations that have 1,000 to 10,000 employees or users.

What makes GrandCentral 2.0 valuable to the industry?

Simply put, GrandCentral 2.0 democratizes the power of a modern enterprise service management solution. With this updated platform, clients can automate workflows, gain real-time visibility, improve IT productivity by 20 percent or more, and innovate faster. The platform is a one-stop-shop for ITSM, IT business management (ITBM), IT operations management (ITOM), and customer service management (CSM).

As part of our Managed ITSM strategy, we take charge of the entire IT infrastructure by bringing together remote system administration services and enterprise service desk. GrandCentral 2.0 has a cost-effective entry point, enabling organizations to steer clear of ServiceNow’s minimum license purchasing requirements. Clients can buy the services they wish to use through the platform and purchase further licenses as they grow.

Our ESM platform, combined with our unique services offerings, allows organizations to improve their end-user experiences while increasing efficiencies through IT optimization and modernization

Moreover, our certified engineers and technicians manage the ongoing instances, processes, and systems to help clients gain maximum benefit from the platform.

Through our RSA services, we become part of the clients’ team and work with them in the trenches on a daily basis. We take a consultative approach to develop and deliver the exact solution they need to manage their business efficiently.

How do you differentiate in the managed service provider space?

As we fill the talent gap in managing the ServiceNow platform, clients can better focus on business outcomes. We employ a unique approach to analyze our client’s requirements and configure the solution according to their business setting. We offer simple, turnkey implementation and continuous monitoring and maintenance support through our certified system administrators. Over the years, we have earned more than 1500 clients for whom we have delivered Managed ITSM services across 4,400 facilities overall. Clients who join partner with us take advantage of our technological know-how, end-to-end strategy, and best practices.

Can you share with us a case study that demonstrates your unique approach in the managed service provider landscape?

A multi-billion dollar Financial Services organization in the U.S was striving to have ServiceNow implemented in six weeks. They came to us for assistance, analysed our GrandCentral 2.0 platform—that is built on ITIL best practices—and realized that it had all the features and functionalities that they were looking for. With security, asset management, SLAs, and KPI reporting inherent to our ServiceNow-as-a-Service platform, the client could avoid expensive IT experts and administrators to manage the environment and still make informed business and IT decisions. GrandCentral gave them their instance of ServiceNow in time to meet their needs and we successfully supplemented their level 1 ServiceDesk needs as well.

What’s next for Fully Managed?

We are looking forward to improving the value of our offerings to cater to the changing needs of clients and improve their satisfaction levels at the same time. We are focused on the future to ensure that we are coming out with new releases in parallel with ServiceNow that ensure we always bring value to our clients.

Fully Managed

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Mark Scott, CEO

Fully Managed is a top global managed service provider, leading ServiceNow MSP, and market leader in senior care technology solutions. Their FM service management platform provides organizations with a complete solution to deliver service desk, IT service management, automation, security, and digital transformation. The company delivers ServiceNow-as-a-Service at a fraction of the cost with seamless implementation and ongoing maintenance. The company uses leading-edge technology and world-class systems to improve the process their clients do business now and in the future. Whether a company is looking for technology solutions for Senior Care communities or an Enterprise Service Management solution, the company can help the client harness the power of technology