Function Point: Integrating Workflow and Data Management through Cloud-Based SaaS

Chris Wilson, President and CEO
With the emergence of new communication channels, creative agencies are being exposed to both productive and challenging situations. The problems revolve around tracking time and expenses, delegating tasks, and communicating with team members on a project basis. Function Point Productivity Software, a web based SaaS company is providing tools that bring together multiple functional aspects of an organization, into one tool. “People want to work smart, and we are trying to help clients in their budget overrun and delays in work management,” says Chris Wilson, President and CEO, Function Point. Headquartered at Vancouver, the company provides unique project and workflow management software for marketing firms, advertising agencies, design firms, and interactive web development organizations.

Function Point’s integrated solutions help manage the day-to-day challenges of running a growing creative firm. “Our SaaS based complete enterprise resource-planning tool, fp., integrates with the most common packages and a next generation platform to help our clients interact with their customers and clients. This solution comes with a 60-day, 100 percent money back guarantee if it doesn’t deliver the desired results,” adds Wilson. The fp. solution includes customer relationship management (CRM), creative agency time and job tracking, project management, workflow management, estimating and invoicing, as well as optional integration to popular accounting packages such as QuickBooks and Simply Accounting.

Function Point’s all-in-one software system is best suited for creative agencies that utilize numerous different software tools to administer projects. “As these organizations do not have a single file cabinet, the disparate software tools make mining and transfer of information, and scheduling, vulnerable to mistakes. Function Point’s software increases efficiency, and reduces the chance for errors during data transfer between multiple software platforms while providing report on available human resources,and improving visibility into clients’ projects—making them agile in responding to the client needs.
“We have taken together independent silos and put it all in one place. We are constantly trying to innovate more with our products so that the clients get more out of what they have implemented,” delineates Wilson. The company makes it a point to interact with the customers, and bring back their ideas and feedback to the design team to simplify the experience and provide a robust set of features and capabilities. With users around the world, including Canada, the United States, Brazil, Singapore, Dubai, UK, Australia, South Africa, the Caribbean, and more, the company continues to perfect their business tool for increasing agency efficiency and profitability.

It is a sophisticated project management tool designed for creative agencies

One of Function Point’s clients, Conquer Mobile, a specialist in enterprise mobile app development did not have a smooth, consistent workflow from the initial project stage of estimating to the final stage of billing. The process of creating custom proposals was inefficient, and the company could not get them out to the client quickly. In addition, time tracking was inaccurate, and too much energy was spent on categorizing timesheets at a granular level. Function Point simplified the company’s time tracking process, making it easier for staff to use and track the hours worked compared to the original estimate. Also billable hours could be pulled more quickly, which resulted in Conquer Mobile being able to invoice faster. The integration of Function Point into the business has resulted in a workflow experience that has greater consistency.

For the road ahead, Function Point is keen to look into opportunities for growth and expansion—both internally and externally. “Think about how every organization could use Function Point to climb the growth ladder and reap benefits. That is why we inter communicate with our clients to know what they want, and embrace the latest technologies like mobile, or facilitate integrations with other tools,” concludes Wilson.

Function Point


Chris Wilson, President and CEO

Providing easy-to-use, all-in-one, web-based timesheet and project management software streamlines project-driven operations.