FuseForward: Simplifying Application Migration to Cloud

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Mark Damm, CEO
There is no doubt that the rapid adoption of cloud computing and SaaS applications has changed every aspect of information technology, sharpening enterprises’ capability to work faster with enhanced productivity and efficiency. However, security concerns, siloed data sources, and complex requirements, often impede the process of application deployment in the cloud. This can undermine the entire IT modernization or digital transformation effort.

Although enterprises can try to solve these quandaries in-house, limited technology skills, resources, and the need to make hefty technology investments appear as significant hurdles. As an alternative, enterprises seek assistance from system integrators or managed services providers. The drawback is that the former typically focuses only on providing project-based services, while the latter concentrates only on operations and maintenance of applications. In such a scenario, the implementation of a holistic solution that can match all their diverse needs—including security, faster application migration, and reduction of capital investments— has become imperative for businesses.

Set against this backdrop, FuseForward provides end-to-end services and unique solutions to large enterprises looking to move and operate application workloads in the cloud. “Our methodology is all about utilizing reusable templates. We have patented a method that automates the configuration, deployment, and operations of complex IT systems. Most importantly, our solutions can be deployed in hours as opposed to weeks, months, or years,” says Mark Damm CEO of FuseForward.

The FuseForward Cloud Suite encompasses three products that incorporate FuseForward’s patented method. The first of which is FuseSecure, a cybersecurity as a service solution that incorporates all of the security functions an organization needs to lock down its environment, including privileged user management, data encryption, and multifactor authentication to name a few. Importantly, once FuseSecure is deployed it is continually monitored and maintained by the expert FuseForward team, lowering the chances of a breach.

The second offering of the suite is FuseControl which, as a pre-configured cloud management system, helps organizations effectively deploy, control, and monitor different applications in the cloud.

We have patented a method to automate the configuration, deployment, and operations of complex IT systems

“FuseControl leverages pre-built libraries and integration components, allowing clients to maintain everything with a common automation engine,” adds Damm. The third and final product, FuseAnalyze, is geared toward managing the performance of applications, the risk that companies may face, and the cost of running applications in the cloud. It can ingest and analyse vast amounts of data in real-time.

FuseForward has provided their unique, automated approach to cloud delivery to numerous clients across diverse industry verticals, ranging from large water utilities to software vendors. In one instance, a major bicycle rental network needed to replace its legacy systems with a new asset management solution and operations management system. Engaging with the client, FuseForward leveraged templates and processes built into the FuseForward suite to establish a private cloud environment with private network connectivity. The complex environment even included the capability to ingest real-time data streams coming in from the bicycle network. As a result of FuseForward’s unique approach, the project was delivered one month ahead of schedule—a major achievement in a world where complex cloud projects regularly exceed projected timelines.

Backed by numerous instances of client success, FuseForward has plans to open up new offices in diverse regions across North America and Europe—beyond the bounds of Canada, Johannesburg, and Ireland. From a solutions standpoint, the company will continue to expand their analytics platform to support additional industry-specific analytics applications. “We are continuing to deploy new products that incorporate our unique methodology, such as a complete analytics as a service solution template. This service is being developed to meet the needs of specific industry verticals such as campus and facilities management organizations,” concludes Damm.


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Mark Damm, CEO

Provides turnkey, end-to-end service from designing architecture to maintenance of solutions for mid-to-large enterprise customers looking to move and operate application workloads in the cloud. FuseForward has been at the forefront of the shift to the cloud since it began in 2008, overseeing some of the earliest enterprise cloud migrations. The company aims to make complexity simple with automated IT systems and processes