Fusion PPT: Maximizing AWS Cloud Environment to Enhance Results

Michael Biddick, CEO
Michael Biddick, CEO, Fusion PPT considers roasting coffee beans as an art form that requires a certain set of technical skills. He trained himself to become an expert roaster, and his ability to pick the right coffee bean has invariably helped him in his business— understandingthe right mixture of People, Process & Technology (PPT) required to ensure that IT projects deliver mission results.“The analysis of picking the resource for the right task and implementing the correct technology is the key vision of Fusion PPT,” says Biddick.

Fusion PPT is a vendor-independent advisor to clients that strive for quality with speed, helping organizations understand, deploy, and manage all aspects of cloud computing environments. As a standard tier-consulting partner with AWS, Fusion PPT stays up to date with the latest technology, and delivers the highest quality, best-fit solutions to their clients.

“Fusion PPT is a company made up of top-notch talented individuals who focus on the very hard problems that are out there in the market,” says Biddick. ”With big consulting companies losing their technical depth and focus,” says Biddick,“they usually overlook issues like escalating costs of information technology and shifting to the cloud.” Meanwhile, clients want a solution through which they can control these costs, while maximizing efficiency and agility to deliver services for the growth of the customer. “Fusion PPT is focused on resolving these problems,” adds Biddick. The company’s expertise and unbiased guidance help organizations address their critical IT concerns using emerging technologies such as cloud computing.

Cloud computing is rapidly becoming a revolutionary step in the progression of IT globally, providing access to data from anywhere, anytime and any device.
However, as the commercial and government cloud computing markets skyrocket, so did the hot-button issues, such as cyber security, data privacy, and interoperability. “Customers want to refresh technology solutions as opposed to making new capital expenditure for the solutions. AWS is an interesting alternative to get the latest technology without making the capital expense while making a move towards the cloud environment. Cloud environments have the ability to open up capabilities that may not have been present within the client’s technology infrastructure, and Fusion PPT can helps the clients shift from capital to an operational model, along with moving the workload but while keeping security in mind,” adds Biddick.

Fusion PPT currently provides cloud computing solutions and services to agencies such as NASA, DISA, HHS, and the Intelligence Community. Within the federal market, one of the challenges Fusion PPT addresses is how agencies utilize AWS environment to achieve the benefits in a public cloud environment, while complying with all of the federal security and compliance requirements. “Our solutions specifically address these problems like security, authorization, and authentication that allow customers to substantiate in a more secured way complying with all their requirements to operate in the AWS cloud environment,” explains Biddick.

For the future, the company is evolving and using big data analytics along with improving cyber security in the cloud solutions they provide. “As the market is diffusing in various directions, we make sure to keep one hand on its pulse and evolve accordingly–Just like picking the right beans and roasting them correctly before turning them into coffee,” concludes Biddick.

Fusion PPT

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Michael Biddick, CEO

Provides management of all aspects of cloud computing environments with custom-made solutions.