Fusionex : Driving Analytics and Big Data

Ivan Teh, CEO & Managing Director
After serving the information technology sector for more than 15 years, handling managerial positions at Hewlett Packard, Intel and Accenture, Ivan Teh decided to part ways from the traditional corner office. Leveraging his strong network of contacts within the Enterprise Information and Communication Technology (ICT) space, Teh gave wings to his entrepreneurship dream with Fusionex—a provider of enterprise business software through Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI) and Core Transactional Engine (CTE) products. “Almost every organization has business challenges—they want to be ahead of the curve, improve their revenue and lower their impediments. For this, they are not just looking for technology, an operating system, or a database. What they want is an experienced partner that could provide them with guidance, navigate them through rough waters, advice them and implement the best business solutions for them. Fusionex enjoys partnerships with companies such as Microsoft and together, we address all these issues,” says Ivan Teh, CEO and Managing Director, Fusionex.

Fusionex is a fusion between business and technology, and our main aim is to help customers experience excellence

Fusionex is an enterprise software company that helps customers connect all the dots in their business. “Customers might have multiple data sources, ERP solutions, customer relationship systems, and other social media or manufacturing tensions. We help them collect, connect and analyze the data using the right technology and right solution,” points out Teh. For an elaborate understanding, consider the example of a large conglomerate that has 128 subsidiaries. The client had a huge quantity of data—from financial and transactional data, to sales and operations data—that required a group accounting department to consolidate, forecast, plan, report, and audit across 128 companies.
The biggest challenge was the lack of time and the huge workforce needed for consolidation across word, spreadsheets and different systems. They were also finding it hard to synchronize, reconcile and make data consistent and accurate. This is where Fusionex stepped in. The company helped the client to put together a business intelligence, analytics and big data solution. People from different countries, different offices and different business units of the client had to just ensure that they place data in the platform, and the underlying system and workflows would pick it up on a daily basis, and generate all the different types of reports that would allow the client to slice and dice the data, ensuring that they save time, money and sleepless nights.

“We are a company that focuses on cross industry solutions,” says Teh. “What we do is shape away our performance with horizontal solutions, i.e., solution by functions, for example, a solution for finance office and CFO’s office, but at the same time we also have vertical solutions, which are industry specific,” he explains. This differentiates the company from the rest. Fusionex extracts and processes structured and unstructured data and renders the cleansed, aggregated and summarized data via a channel like broadband or intranet/ internal networks to a device of the user’s choice through an interface that best suits the customer needs. It also enables customers to connect to multiple platforms so that they can leverage their current IT investment, avoiding the need to change platforms and additional costs associated with it. Importantly, Fusionex also focuses on advanced data integrity checking, and intelligent exception handling and actioning. This ensures a high level of data quality and relevance, unlike many other competing products.

“Fusionex is a fusion between business and technology, and our main aim is to help customers experience excellence. Moving forward, we will continue to do the same,” says Teh. “We also aspire to continue our healthy relationship with Microsoft and other great partners to churn out innovative products,” he concludes.


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Ivan Teh, CEO & Managing Director

Provider of enterprise business software through Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Core Transactional Engine (CTE) products