Fusionex International: Unleashing the Power of Big Data

van Teh, CEO & Managing Director
Organizations are increasingly turning to big data solutions to discover new ways of improving decision-making and enhancing overall business operations. Big data presents a business opportunity where companies can collect myriads of information about their customers and mine value in the ‘ocean of data.’ However, it is an uphill task to analyze the data and convert it into useable information. Identifying this glaring gap between business and technology, Fusionex International, based in London, UK offers advanced analytics solutions. “We aim to democratize big data and make analytics assessable and reachable to organizations and people,” says Ivan Teh, Fusionex CEO and Managing Director.

Fusionex solves the complex problems faced by many enterprises through its innovatively developed software products and technology. The company renders Fusionex GIANT, a big data and analytics solution catering to a wide spectrum of organizations. It offers advanced as well as self-service tools that can be effortlessly used by data scientists and business analysts alike.

Fusionex GIANT visualizes and un¬derstands data while offering the flexi¬bility to tailor the analysis from different viewpoints. It provides a ‘plug-and-play’ approach to link multiple data sources to speed up implementation without any additional software. Business users can gain access to insights within seconds, by using either the pre-built industry templates or taking advantage of the product’s wizard-driven self-service dashboard features. “Fusionex GIANT has built-in capabilities as wellto receive streaming data from a variety of sensors and connected devices, process them, and present meaningful insights to our clients,” adds Teh.

The organization also offers Fusionex GIANT via Analytics-as-a- Service (AAAS), enabling clients to maximize the potential of advanced analytics with meaningful business insights. AAAS is delivered in such a manner that it addresses and removes the strain on customers’ capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX).

Fusionex GIANT simplifies the complexity of big data with its ease-of-use and intuitive interface to deliver tangible value to organizations. “Fusionex’s vision is to humanize and simplify technology, making it relatable and easy to use for everyone,” remarks Teh.

We aim to democratize big data and make analytics assessable and reachable to organizations and people

In an implementation highlight, a client in the retail industry reached out to Fusionex as they wanted to analyze data and apply advanced analytics. The use of Fusionex GIANT not only helped them predict and reduce customer churn, but its usage also identified the consumers’ propensity to buy another product. Eventually, the client could cross-sell and up-sell products to their existing and new customers. As an effect, the retail company saw their revenue increase by 30 percent within five weeks of deploying Fusionex GIANT.
Similarly, Fusionex GIANT also helped a manufacturing company save time and resources worth millions of dollars. Using GIANT, the customer was able to analyze vast amounts of data generated by their equipment, and applied predictive analytics to take corrective maintenance actions before hand to minimize the manufacturing line downtime.

“We will constantly upgrade GIANT, ensuring the right competence, capacity, and most importantly, the commitment to deliver business value to our clients,” beams Teh. Moving forward, the company plans to expand in strategic locations and triple the number of clients by providing innovative software solutions to enterprises across the globe. Fusionex vows to empower customers to gain insight and foresight beyond one’s sight by harnessing and unleashing the true power of big data analytics.

Fusionex International

London, UK

van Teh, CEO & Managing Director

Fusionex is a multi award winning IT Group, specializing in Analytics, Big Data and the Internet of Things that caters to a wide spectrum of organizations, bridging the gap between business and technology

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