FusionHealth: Enhancing Workforce Performance through Sleep Management

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Dr. Jeffrey Durmer, Co-Founder & CMO
In large organizations today, lack of adequate rest is affecting the mindset and potential of employees, which in turn is influencing the overall performance of the company. With employers starting to realize the significance of sleep and the adverse effects of its deprivation, the number of organizations looking for sleep management solutions has grown significantly. SleepCharge, FusionHealth’s sleep health management solution, has developed a suite of solutions that provide significant value for employers by offering effective sleep management services that help employees achieve healthy sleep. “SleepCharge structures participant needs from personalized data provided by participants while the workflow or process needed to deliver the solution is navigated by our platform,” states Sigurjon Kristjansson, co-founder and CEO of FusionHealth.

FusionHealth’s technology platform is designed with full accessibility in mind---available via desktop, laptop or mobile application. The SleepCharge solution was developed to connect with vast populations, engaging them with content on the importance of sleep to overall health. The educational components are coupled with treatment pathways designed to help get participants with sleep issues to the correct therapy path(s), and to provide continuous professional human support, garnering successful treatment outcomes. The platform generates tasks that execute based on need, ranging from sending consumable content to educate and learn about sleep, to treating and resolving barriers to therapies for conditions like sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, insomnia, and circadian rhythm disorders.

“The FusionHealth cloud-based platform analyzes an individual’s sleep-related problems using systems neuroscience-based sleep and circadian neurobiological algorithms that provide root cause risk profiles for a multitude of sleep complaints. Most importantly, each person’s personalized program for sleep improvement is seamlessly connected with professional care management teams that deliver friendly proactive human support,” says Dr. Jeffrey Durmer, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of FusionHealth. The company’s solution starts by taking the patient through a series of computational processes that gives the individual an idea of their sleep duration, timing, and quality.
Sigurjon Kristjansson, Co-Founder & CEO
Further, the platform collects data on their medical history, sleep components, and biometrics to pinpoint potential clinical conditions and provide information on possible disorders, as well as all the programs that are available to resolve it. The key differentiator for SleepCharge is the addition of professional human support provided by the sleep care team, which utilizes initial data collection, combined with therapy data via tracking technology to interact with participants and assist them in achieving healthy sleep each day. The use of effective algorithms to path people to the right level of care is essential to ensuring proper outcomes.

SleepCharge by FusionHealth has been able to highlight their unique value proposition in collaboration with Southeastern Freight Lines, wherein over the course of one year of study, SleepCharge enrolled approximately 600 drivers in their platform solution and carried out a cohort analysis to determine the impact of SleepCharge on Southeastern’s health and productivity. In one year of study, Southeastern Freight Lines demonstrated a reduction of 23 percent in overall healthcare costs for those in the program, and a 68 percent reduction in preventable accidents. The cohort population continued on a negative cost trajectory in line with their benchmark.

SleepCharge by FusionHealth is a Center of Excellence for sleep, whereby providing resources, education, therapy intervention and professional support for large populations of health plan participants. The company is in the process of continuing to execute against their development roadmap, and is developing additional features to their solution set to include mindfulness and meditation for relaxation, as well as components addressing sleep-related stress and anxiety. FusionHealth’s mission is “Healthy Sleep for All,” and their goal is to continue to educate and intervene with large populations, helping mainstream medicine understand the correlation between poor sleep and serious health conditions. “With our technology and engagement strategy, we will continue to help our clients and the healthcare system in reversing the sleep-related problems endemic in the U.S.,” concludes Kristjansson.


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Dr. Jeffrey Durmer, Co-Founder & CMO and Sigurjon Kristjansson, Co-Founder & CEO

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