FusionStorm: Robust Services for Streamlined Storage Operations

Mike Trautman, Director
Organizations around the world are on constant innovation sprees to adopt cloud-based storage and software solutions. Research by Gartner indicates that one-third of total data will be stored in the cloud by 2016—a growing trend that is pushing enterprises to overhaul their existing infrastructures to support massive leapfrogs towards cloud-based storage systems. Helping firms achieve such smooth transitions is FusionStorm—a company that provides on premises, cloud-based storage and data management services, leveraging best-in- class NetApp solutions. “Our company proficiently manages cloud computing models and data-intensive workloads to meet the current needs of many environments, including Big Data as an example,” delineates Mike Trautman, Director, FusionStorm. The services by FusionStorm enable organizations to govern explosive data growth and ensure that vital information assets are available across the extended enterprise.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, the company offers an inclusive suite of storage services by utilizing a broad range of NetApp’s tools and products. From high-capacity enterprise storage products to scale-out architectures and unified storage systems, FusionStorm’s services fulfill the needs of every enterprise. The company’s dexterous services include storage assessment, capacity planning, encryption and data-migration. “Our expertise on high-performance disk, hybrid and flash storage solutions enable customers to consolidate their storage infrastructures,” says Trautman. He adds, “Such consolidation results in optimization of enterprise resources while also improving their efficiency and responsiveness.”

Alternatively, FusionStorm leverages NetApp’s data center solutions to offer best-in- class design, integration, and implementation services in the fields of data protection, high-performance compute, storage, and virtualization. The services also deliver great reliability in meeting mission-critical requirements.“Our company combines both in-depth understanding and NetApp’s viable technology to effectively enhance every aspect of the data center environment,” asserts Trautman. Such a unique approach ensures optimized operations, end-to-end security, data protection, and streamlined management.

In addition, FusionStorm possesses distinct qualification to support enterprises in taking advantage of converged infrastructure solutions.
In this regard, the company offers an elite set of services that provides an ideal environment for cloud operations, flexible data centers, and virtualization. Taking pride in these professional services, Trautman says, “Our engineers have highest form of certifications and proven expertise in the design and integration of multi-vendor environments. This experience acts as an invaluable resource for our company.”

Our expertise on high-performance disk, hybrid and flash storage solutions enable customers to consolidate their storage infrastructures

Taking their skillfulness ahead, FusionStorm has helped several enterprises across the globe to modernize and expand their data architectures. For example, one of FusionStorm’s clients, a top international law firm, wanted to consolidate and unify their datacenter operations to accommodate their growing service demands. Further, the firm also needed a trusted partner who could assist them while maintaining consistency across their global offices. The client’s search came to an end with FusionStorm, who effectively leveraged the storage and datacenter economics of NetApp to streamline the data operations of the law firm. Within six months of operation, FusionStorm developed a technology service strategy that helped the client gain optimal performance. It further simplified management and promoted appropriate compliance standards among the client’s global offices. “Our company worked hand-in-hand with this esteemed customer to help them gain measurable value from their technology investments,” extols Trautman.

Marching forward, the company envisions stimulating opportunities in the area of cloud integration. “With our extensive expertise in the design and implementation of web-scale data center environments, we look ahead to contribute more towards the landscape of cloud-based datacenter functions,” explains Trautman. Furthermore, the company continues to maintain tactical partnership with NetApp to capitalize on their cutting-edge solutions for promoting long-lasting relationship with clients.


San Francisco, CA

Mike Trautman, Director

Fuses best-in-class NetApp storage and data management solutions with a complete suite of professional services to help organizations accomplish their businesses goals.