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Pål Roppen, CEO
Organizations, regardless of the size and industry, are becoming digital converts, inspired by the transformations brought about by big data, advanced analytics, and machine learning. For a long time, the oil and gas industry lagged behind other industries to become digitally enabled. However, times have changed. While the wave of digital transformation sweeping over the industry and ushering in a paradigm shift, business leaders are pushing past their “comfort zone,” challenging themselves to speed up their efficiency and work smarter and faster. Evidently, the debate over whether or not to adopt new technologies into the business is quickly turning to a question of “when and how fast?” rather than “if?”.

Given the nature of the industry, the differing skills and roles across various departments or business units, the challenge in adopting new technology fast enough boils down to breaking down the data silos and enabling true collaboration and knowledge transparency. This is where FutureOn brings tremendous value, assisting oil and gas companies in harnessing the power of data and drive collaboration across all disciplines. “Engineers in the oil and gas industry spend 60 to 70 percent of their time just to retrieve data and information. With their conventional siloed and isolated way of working, they struggle to find the data they need and use the information in a sufficient way. Worse yet, their problems do not end there. The fact that the data and information is typically only available in spreadsheets or text format, the access is limited to certain specialists and is not generally available. At FutureOn, we set out to change this industry narrative. Engineers with various roles across disciplines and companies can access and share their specialized knowledge in a visual collaborative fashion to improve critical decisions in the development of the field,” says Pål Roppen, CEO, FutureOn.

As a part of EXP group with more than 15 years of experience providing state-of-the-art visual engineering content to clients worldwide in the oil and gas subsea domain, FutureOn brings in its cloud-based visualization and contextualizing software to solve these pressing industry challenges. Developed by a dynamic team of experienced entrepreneurs and senior professionals in visual design, software development, and oil and gas domain, the best-of-breed platform, FieldTwin, enables engineers to build and develop a new oil and gas field by using data from any relevant data source connected to the platform. With an aim to reduce companies’ time to first oil by reducing the discovery and development time, the platform helps users to visualize all the necessary data together in context in the correct co-ordinate location of the project. In doing so, FieldTwin ensures efficient data collection and allows all project stakeholders—both the specialized and the non-experts—to access, view, and review multiple study scenarios rapidly and identify collaboratively the best options. Taking digitization, visualization, and collaboration to the next level, FieldTwin is integrated with Field Activity Planner (FieldAP)—a cloud-based digital software—for enabling rapid visual workflows for offshore field development. The platform facilitates integration with the client’s existing backend systems and offshore engineering software.

Across the entire life-cycle of a field, FieldTwin creates and maintains a digital twin of the actual field as it evolves from concept to reality. This digital twin becomes an exact digital copy of the subsea field, including all relevant assets—which maximizes asset design and performance. With FieldTwin, companies looking to develop oil and gas fields are presented with integrated digital mapping for positioning the well on the exact geo coordinates of the project. The platform’s browser based dashboard provides access to a 3D asset library of subsea equipment and connectors depicting subsea installation structures and pipelines or other operational equipment such as vessels, rigs and FPSOs. All data sets can be assigned complex metadata for smart and accurate field design and planning. FieldAP users can access any data source or application integrated with the FieldTwin platform enabling true digital conversations between assets, data sources and applications.
FieldAP brings the valuable assets to life as 3D visual twin representations within the entire field layout. The metadata in assets— engineering specifications, costing details, and more—can be linked to the backend client’s enterprise systems, and updated as and when assets’ metadata values are altered. “We aim to make the entire data integration seamless, whereby one can start designing and can be joined by any other engineers with complementary disciplines across the globe and collaborate on the specific elements within the context of the entire project. For example, field planners can digitally communicate in real-time with drilling engineers about optimal top hole locations support better filed layouts but still maintain the integrity of the well. Since all databases are connected with each other, any modifications are reflected instantly and can be visualized by all parties involved, thus enabling them to drive smart decisions faster. Using FutureOn’s solution the operator can reduce time to first oil by minimum 6 months, which drives an average NPV gain of $49m per field,” adds Roppen.

Our software makes subsea fields digital from day one, and as the project evolves the digital twin evolves in parallel, resulting in a rich and integrated operational digital twin of the field at first oil

When it comes to implementation, the highly intuitive, visual, and easy-to-use platform can be hosted on FutureOn’s cloud or the client’s own cloud—be it Azure, AWS or Google—and is up and running in just a couple of hours. The platform also enables users to plug in additional relevant applications from other software providers, including popular flow assurance applications, catenary calculators and geo servers.

While the time span between the exploration of a field and its first oil production is generally seven years, FutureOn’s vision is to reduce this by months or even years by deploying its FieldTwin platform across all project stages. In the course of deploying its solutions, FutureOn has already charted several success stories. According to Roppen, the company has reduced the time its clients take, from exploring a well to taking the final investment decisions, by 40– 80 percent. In fact, one of its operators could reduce the time he took in designing a field from eight weeks to 12 hours. “Our software is particularly deployed for greenfield and tie-back projects, which start from scratch as concept digital twins from day one, and then evolving digitally into a fast, collaborative and transparent workflow for the life of the field,” he adds.

With 1,700 offshore greenfields planned across the world in 2025, growing from 590 greenfields in 2020 the future looks bright for FutureOn. In fact, as a startup with its footprint in Oslo, London and Houston, the company is rapidly expanding. With valuable partnerships in Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, and Kuala Lumpur, the company is currently enabling digital transformation for 11 of the leading global oil and gas operators. Moving ahead, FutureOn aims to increase those numbers to 24 global operators and NOC’s, constituting 90 percent of the market. The company is also planning to modularize its award-winning FieldAP, into a suite of applications for Design, Marine Planning, and Enhanced Collaboration to offer specific capabilities across all disciplines.


Houston, TX

Pål Roppen, CEO

As a part of the EXP group, FutureOn provides an innovative platform and a software to streamline the assets management and data collection for designing and planning digital subsea oil and gas fields. Its best-of-breed solution FieldTwin ensures efficient data collection and allows all project stakeholders—both the specialized and the non-experts—to access, view, and review multiple study scenarios rapidly and identify collaboratively the best options. As one of the most promising energy tech solution providers, FutureOn is now planning to modularize its award-winning FieldAP into a suite of applications for Design, Marine Planning, and Enhanced Collaboration and offer specific capabilities across all disciplines