FutureProof Retail LLC:Shop, Scan and Check Out with Smartphone App

William Hogben, CEO
Technology is paving the way for retailers to automate much of the routine work that is carried out in retail outlets. At the same time technology is raising shoppers’ expectations of convenience and personalization. Customers are used to eCommerce, car services and food on demand–especially through their smart¬phones–and they are bringing those ex¬pectations with them when they shop in person. These technologies, chiefly smart¬phones, analytics and cloud computing, are creating an opportunity in the retail market by helping merchants carry out in-store activities in an easier and quicker fashion, while delivering the con¬venient and personalized shopping experience millenial con-sumers expect. Despite this many merchants still display a great deal of reluctance to embrace the changes, owing to their lack of knowledge and expertise. Further, legacy retail technology companies have had difficultly transitioning to mobile, limiting merchants’ ability to take advantage of consumer mobile POS. With its headquarters in New York, FutureProof Retail develops the mobile technology that allows merchants to benefit from the smartphone age. “Our technology replaces expensive POS soft¬ware and hardware with the customers’ own smartphones,” says William Hogben, CEO, FutureProof Retail. “It streamlines the whole front end, but what it really does is build loyalty. It’s the mix of in-person experience with digital convenience — you get the best of online and offline in one experience.”

Keeping in mind the fact that many customers are drifting to¬wards e-commerce for a hassle-free shopping experience, Future¬Proof Retail endeavors to make in-store shopping activity quicker. The company enables shop¬pers to enjoy the brick and mortar retail ex¬perience by eliminating the long queues in peak shopping hours through its Express Checkout smartphone app. The company delivers the app alongside the retailer’s point-of-sale system, whitelabeled with the merchant’s brand or integrated into a merchant’s existing application.

Shoppers scan and pay for the items and groceries that they buy through the mo¬bile application on their own phone, which pro¬vides methods to securely check the shopper out both with or without staff assistance.

Customer mobile is the next era of retail - reducing transaction costs and creating new analytic and loyalty opportunities

This whole process enables quicker transactions. Subsequently the system understands shoppers’ preferences and tastes to help them discover new favorite products of the retailer’s choice. Lastly, the system gathers shop¬pers’ feedback, which in turn helps shop owners to better manage the shop and improve the shopping experience. “Our system makes it easy for shoppers to leave feedback after every purchase — that takes the guesswork out of improving the store and gives the back office new insight into individual locations,” says Hogben.

The company has assisted a number of retailers to take advan¬tage of consumer mobile technology with their app based shop¬ping system. To throw light on one of FutureProof Retail’s cus¬tomer success stories, a second-generation grocer wanted to make the shoppers feel valued and a part of the family. They wanted the shoppers to walk into the store, pick up the items and check out at their own pace, without having to wait in long lines. The grocer approached FutureProof Retail looking for a solution that could improve customer experience and streamline their front end. Fu¬tureProof Retail’s Express Checkout Smartphone app enabled the grocer to increase sales and profits. Most importantly, the shop¬pers were happy to check out at their own pace, without having to waste their time.

Taking positive strides towards the future, FutureProof Retail plans to expand their system’s communication abilities, giving retailers the ability to reach individual shoppers with personal¬ized offers and services. Additionally, the company continues to add new capabilities to help retailers take advantage of the new opportunities of the mobile age

FutureProof Retail LLC

William Hogben, CEO

FutureProof Retail helps merchants capitalize on technology by making the in-store experience more pleasant, convenient and profitable