G3G: SAP ERP in 14 weeks

CIO VendorChris Gunter, CEO
G3G has developed an impressive track record delivering SAP ERP to mid-market organizations. Mid-market organizations share the same challenges that larger enterprise face, but cannot afford the large price tag often associated with ERP implementations.

Chris Gunter, CEO at G3G explains, “Implementing an ERP solution has often been likened to open heart and lung surgery. Often vital for survival, but never something you go into lightly. And you certainly want to know you are in safe hands.”

By adopting a rapid deployment approach with a pre-configured template, G3G has made it possible to reduce time, cost and risk whilst bringing consistently high quality outcomes. “We get our customer ‘off the operating table’ within 14-16 weeks, helping them avoid the typical pitfalls of open heart surgery, and start to realize the benefits sooner.”

He went on to explain their 4 key objectives. They want to deliver ERP faster because mid-market companies cannot remain in project mode too long and need to start reaping the rewards sooner. Customer’s internal teams need to get back to their day jobs. Since a major part of the implementation cost is due to the consulting services, reducing the implementation time frame automatically leads to a cost reduction. Reduction in timeframe has been achieved through the use of their pre-configured rapid deployment template. This template approach also improves predictability and stability because the solution has been tried and tested in multiple implementations.

This leads to lower risk and increased quality. G3G’s aim is to ensure that customers begin to enjoy a return on their investment immediately after go-live. A recent implementation was paid off within one year. In year two it then paid for itself again due to a 25 percent reduction in audit fees which resulted from the improved business processes and controls. G3G maintains a keen eye on delivering significant value to their customers in the form of improved processes and cost reduction.
G3G’s SAP expertise covers traditional SAP Business Suite, SAP Business All-in-One as well as SAP’s Cloud Solutions such as Cloud for Travel and Cloud for Sales. In addition, the company provides extensive Business Objects and Mobility solutions delivering true enterprise capability to its customers.

G3G’s All-in-One templates cover numerous industries including Engineering, Construction, Professional Services, and Manufacturing. These template extensions are common across all G3G customers and enable a true “packaged software” approach designed to strip out the complexity and focus on delivering efficient, cost effective foundations for further innovation.

Looking forward, G3G will continue to focus on their Managed Private Cloud so that customers can adopt new SAP innovations even more cost effectively. Instead of simply pushing the cloud, G3G is committed to providing flexible choice. “We will provide a comprehensive enterprise portfolio with flexibility for our customers to choose the deployment model—whether Cloud, on-Premise or a hybrid model,” says Gunter.

G3G is moving their ERP templates onto SAP HANA to provide even greater improvements to their customers. SAP HANA is a completely reimagined platform for real-time business. It is not purely about faster transaction processing and reporting, says Chris Gunter, “Although that is a great start, we must consider what this means to business. The invention of the wheel might have made it easier to pull a cart behind a horse, but it was also a stepping stone to significant number of other innovations.

The speeds associated with in-memory means we can significantly reduce the complexity that was necessitated to address previous constraints. The ability to continuously remove complexity is key to providing businesses with a robust and agile foundation our customers can grow from. We now challenge ourselves to ask where would we innovate if we had no constraint?”

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Chris Gunter, CEO

Covers the traditional SAP Business Suite, SAP Business All-in-One,and the SAP Cloud Solutions including Business ByDesign, Cloud for travel and for sales

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