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Harald Ehrl, Managing Director Firms around the world are migrating to cloud-based Microsoft 365 solutions today. This migration is the direct result of the benefits Microsoft offers to run business’ IT infrastructures in a collaborative environment with a colossal rate of return on investment. Owing to a range of flexible alternatives, Microsoft cloud allows an enterprise to migrate either partially or completely as per the expediency and requirements of the business in addition to the potential for saving money. “Words like ‘it will take more time’ or we need to think about when our investment will pay off and secure it (capex) is a thing of the past,” says Harald Ehrl, Managing Director of GAB Enterprise. “We are supporting Microsoft’s clients by proactively consulting and delivering best in class services and solutions to our clients the speed to move forward—fast, but in a reliable fashion.”

Ehrl recalls that GAB was incorporated as a system integrator, but over the years GAB has matured and developed their business with a keen focus on what the customer and employees really need and want. “We anticipated and emphasized this and put it into our DNA. Focusing on what the customer really wants, listening carefully and delivering best in class IT services and consulting services,” he adds. “We go the extra mile and deliver a bit more than the services ordered. Run services for or on behalf of our customers with a best in class service attitude.”

Because of GAB’s expert knowledge and expertise, customers appreciate their profound and pragmatic approach to deliver and run complex cloud environments. “Our consultancy know-how and services are not limited to MS Cloud. We help customers to integrate, manage or transition their Multi-cloud environments,” explains Ehrl. “Our Cloud Productivity helps our customers to streamline their processes and solutions to make their operations as easy as possible in a limited time.”

Unique Data Migration Tool

Today any change in a business’ organization needs to be mapped correspondingly within the IT environments. Major changes caused by mergers/acquisitions, restructuring, fusion or carve outs result in proportionate change within the IT landscape. GAB executes more than 20 migration projects annually, with the help of their Intelligent Data Migration Tool (IDMT) that focuses on Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Migrations as well as the management of those systems. “IDMT is more or less the 'Swiss Army knife’ of migration suites. We started its development in 1999 and improved its capabilities with every migration we delivered,” explains Ehrl.

We go the extra mile and deliver a bit more than the services ordered. Run services for or on behalf of our customers with a best in class service attitude

“After testing and applying different migration approaches, we started our own development which is actually not an off-the-shelf product. With IDMT, we have 100 percent control on what´s going on during a transition.”

Another unique feature of IDMT is that it can predict the time within a migration process to anticipate a fallback scenario. The uniqueness of the IDMT product is making sure that the migration is smooth without hindrance and does not deter the predetermined path already etched by the company.

For example, Elster—a firm delivering products and services used for the measurement of natural gas, water, and electricity consumption wanted to harmonize different e-mail and unified communication systems in their environment. They wanted to unify multiple Lotus Notes/MS Exchange Environment´s in different domain’s, to one common platform. “Elster wanted to work on a migration to consolidate their IT systems and integrate them through one hyper-unified communications platform. The challenge was to integrate them seamlessly with no down time,” says Ehrl. “IDMT is a migration suite that is capable of migrating different scenarios to one common Microsoft scenario on a fully automated level.” GAB assisted Elster by offering a unique and seamless migration to MS Office 365.

Managing the Cloud

GAB’s Cloud Management Suite—LUNA, offers customers the ability to manage and control their multi-cloud environment from one single user friendly interface. LUNA is a web based software tool for the simple and efficient administration of the Active Directory services, Office 365 and other cloud based services. LUNA allows helpdesk staff to handle administration tasks and enables junior administrators to work with templates to reduce deviation from processes and quality. Through LUNA, organizations can standardize the administration of their Microsoft Active Directory, DNS, and Exchange— whether the installation is in the cloud or on premise. Due to the implemented template system, entries can be created or modified according to selected guidelines.

“Our customers have typically the same background and therefore the same challenges. The speed at which their business changes cannot be handled by their existing IT environment,” explains Ehrl. “This is where GAB comes into play.
Our expertise gives us the opportunity to combine consulting expertise and know how to design and run efficient IT services aligned with a business.” The company assists customers to get an idea of how to improve their IT services and GAB analyzes their situation and gives them guidance on how to improve and enhance productivity.

GAB’s Microsoft certification´s show stead fast commitment towards their existing customer base and potential new customers. “We see that customers are moving from bigger vendors who are failing to address the demands and looking for boutique service providers like GAB,” says Ehrl.

"GAB – We deliver on our promises!"

Being a Microsoft CSP Tier 1 Service Provider is a tremendous advantage for GAB to offer a plethora of opportunities to deliver combined service and solutions,” adds Thomas Wimschneider, GAB’s Managing Director. “We are focused on offering the best benefits to our customers to create a success story and not concentrate only on revenue.”

The Extra Advantage

One of GAB’s key success factor is internal efficiency and operational knowledge, which can be seen amongst its team of technology experts. Additionally, the strong and highly automated processes combined with GAB’s focused mindset are a guarantor of customer transitional success. “It´s like our secret sauce,” states Ehrl. “We credit this to our highly certified and skilled workforce, combined with our on-time delivery experience history of more than 20 years.”

The company’s business development team acts as trend scouts with the freedom to figure out new market trends and establish a customer advisory board to get early notice of customer´s future requirement´s. “This allows us to be prepared with proper ideas and solutions, when the customer demands a certain new solution,” he adds. “For example: one of my colleagues acts as a Customer Satisfaction Officer in order to gather feedback from the clients on how our services and solutions can be improved.”

Innovation for Future

The culture of GAB ensures that each of the employees is up-to-date with the latest technological trends. “We make it a point that the staff try innovative ideas and churn out unique solutions while working with other colleagues,” asserts Wimschneider. “We do not limit the minds of our employees—they are not here to do nine-to-five work, they are here to learn and grow with enthusiasm.”

The company’s customer base is constantly growing on a global scale and their roadmap is driven by constantly focusing on customer demands and requirements. “We will extend our boutique services and solutions to a wider market to get more visibility to our targeted customer base. We are working on to make our offerings more scalable and efficient enabling customers to do more with less,” explains Ehrl.

GAB Enterprise IT Solutions

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Harald Ehrl, Managing Director and Thomas Wimschneider, Managing Director

A multiple certified Gold Competency Partner, GAB is an international specialist for implementation and transformation of hybrid, private, and public cloud infrastructures

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