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Nick Smarrelli, COO & Tom Stemm, CEO & Joe Gadell, CTO & President
It is no secret that the construction industry is lagging in deploying technology, and yet most CIOs seem to be perplexed as to where to make the proper investments from a technology perspective. There is an abundance of software options, none of which are properly integrated or can provide the type of reporting and analytics that is required at the senior leadership level. Such a situation calls for CIOs to deploy technology in a way that will help drive efficiency at all layers of the organization and ensure that the solutions are integrated to form a high performing ecosystem, which is capable of providing intelligent data to management. Led by Joe Gadell, Tom Stemm and Nick Smarrelli, GadellNet Consulting Services manages to adhere to this requirement to the fullest. The St. Louis, MO, based IT consulting group with an office also in Indianapolis, IN, not only helps CIOs solve their most complex problems, but also incorporates a unique problem-solving orientation with world-class project management that can help small and medium businesses find solutions, efficiencies and secure opportunities for growth. “We have an entire part of our organization that is tied directly to creating an integrated application environment– inclusive of reporting, analytics, customer-specific workflows and building a business intelligence environment from a number of disparate applications,” affirms Smarrelli, an Ironman athlete and part owner of GadellNet.

GadellNet’s goal is to provide a comprehensive IT experience to the clients–consisting of four very core functions, i.e., Managed Services, Development Services, Consulting Services and Professional Services. The company has invested heavily in methodologies and talent to help clients walk through their business processes and select the correct software for their business. “We’ve created an insanely simple and cost effective way of setting up job sites quickly and effectively.
It provides ‘just like at HQ’ level internet access, speed and uptime for client’s job sites,” explains Smarrelli. Creating these offerings has helped the clients deploy job sites quicker and ensure timely information and access to critical technology.

GadellNet has automated considerable amount of IT tasks to help speed time of service and increase uptime for the clients.

We’ve created an insanely simple and cost effective way of setting up job sites quickly and effectively

The company has even helped a number of clients reduce and/or eliminate their on-site IT staff. This has helped clients save money on their management costs, salary costs, and benefit costs. “We have helped clients pick ERP systems that are aligned perfectly with their business, and migrate numerous clients to cloud services to data centers to Microsoft Office 365 to virtualized high-availability environments,” says Stemm, GadellNet’s CEO. “These have been done with no downtime and a focus on bringing down costs,” he notes.

GadellNet’s vision is to continue growing as a leader in the IT industry serving small and medium businesses. “As we continue to add more offices nationally, we are creating a footprint for delivering quick and valuable solutions to our clients,” claims Smarrelli. “Our President, Joe Gadell and CTO’s sole job function is to understand the technology space and capture opportunities for us to bring unique and valuable solutions to our clients. The fact that individuals at this level are doing this activity, shows our commitment to staying relevant,” he adds. The company also aims to create a strategic partnership with complimentary organizations that will ensure the fulfillment of GadellNet’s mission of enabling the success of small business.

GadellNet Consulting Services

St.Louis, MO

Nick Smarrelli, COO & Tom Stemm, CEO & Joe Gadell, CTO & President

An IT consulting group that incorporates a unique problem-solving orientation with world-class customer service