GAFFEY Healthcare: Harness the Power of Workflow Automation

Derek Morkel, CEO
Technology has become an integral part of improving the efficiency of the healthcare system and plays a predominant role in the simplification of back-end and front-end operations at both acute and sub-acute healthcare providers. A focus on efficiency translates to better financial performance and the betterment of healthcare services. However, the industry endures a massive shortage of highly coherent automation and reporting tools in the core of its information systems that would help manage workflow, billing and receivables. GAFFEY Healthcare, a Texas-based provider of next-generation, cloud-based revenue cycle technology and services addresses these challenges by enabling healthcare organizations to improve their cash flows, increase their productivity and overall profitability. “GAFFEY Healthcare combines the experience of seasoned operations staff with an efficiency-driving product suite to empower customers to automate and optimize key revenue cycle processes and achieve unprecedented levels of financial performance,” Derek Morkel, CEO, GAFFEY Healthcare.

GAFFEY is focused in two key areas — task automation and increasing productivity in handling revenue cycle operations of hospitals and other providers. GAFFEY offers a range of software tools for patient access, billing, collections, and collection automation. One of the company’s products, AlphaCollector, is an innovative cloud-based workflow and collection management platform that interfaces with a hospital’s patient account system to create comprehensive workflow, reporting, productivity monitoring and customizable rules engine. The solution assists hospitals to collect cash more efficiently, reduce denials, and reduce management oversight time by nearly 80 percent. Furthermore, hospitals and healthcare companies streamline key business processes and see a nearly 50 percent increase in their business office productivity with this solution.

GAFFEY’s AutoStatus eliminates the time hospital staff spends in calling insurance companies to know the status of medical claims and automates updates into the patient accounting and billing systems. Instead of being done manually, AutoStatus automates the process by using screen-scraping technology that works with insurance companies’ web portals to automatically reflect changes in the claims status. The company’s contract calculation software, Contract Manager, ensures that the hospitals receive the right amount from the insurance companies by pre-calculating and comparing the expected reimbursement amount with accuracy.
GAFFEY’s Claims Management software is another of its easy to implement and affordable SaaS-based technology products that handles the actual submission of claims from hospitals to insurance companies.

“Our software not only guarantees that our customers achieve their target revenue but also proactively helps them adjust to changes with a high level of support and services,” adds Morkel. “Additionally, GAFFEY also has a huge reporting and analytics section on the back-end that helps us use data collected throughout the process to give feedback to our customers. Our clients can use this data to tweak the rules in the workflow and find areas of inefficiencies.” The company’s laudable software and services are the factors that place GAFFEY miles ahead of its competition in the broad vertical of workflow solutions providers.

Once, a renowned healthcare organization with a central business office (CBO) suffered some deficiencies in their collection process and also manually dealt with workflows to prioritize the hospital’s billing and collections. The hospital system implemented GAFFEY’s AlphaCollector and AutoStatus software enabling them to aggregate all facilities into a single workflow with an integrated rules engine and ensuring that the right activity was done at the right time by the correct skill level. The solutions eliminated manual activity in statusing claims and increased productivity in the CBO by 50 percent.

GAFFEY Healthcare combines the experience of seasoned staff with efficiency-driven product suites to empower customers to automate their processes and achieve efficient and accurate revenue cycle processes with user-friendly workflows

The success stories of GAFFEY stand as a testament to its commitment in unraveling ways to help customers save unnecessary operating costs and accomplish a higher level of efficiency. “We believe the future holds great potential for cost accounting and data warehousing solutions. Our company is enroute to discovering opportunities within this sphere and empowering hospitals to do the same,” concludes Morkel.

GAFFEY Healthcare

Plano, TX

Derek Morkel, CEO

Provides next-generation, cloud-based revenue cycle technology and services to help health care organizations accelerate their cash flow, improve their productivity, and increase their profitability.