Galigeo: Location Intelligence for Enhanced Business Analytics

CIO VendorChristian Tapia, Stocker, CEO
Man has been tracing his steps from time immemorial; with the evolution of technology and digitization, his numbers became data and his graphical representations became maps. “Today, maps are a grass root adoption, and at Galigeo, we help organizations gain critical insights to make better decisions by linking geographic and location-related data with Business Intelligence, CRM and ERP applications,” says Christian Tapia-Stocker, CEO, Galigeo.

Derived from the combination of ‘Galileo-The famous astronomer’ and ‘Geography’, Galigeo provides a unique Business Augmented Maps Platform that allows organizations to understand and act on multiple networks and territories. “Most businesses today are geo-unconscious; they do not see nor exploit the geographic information components sleeping in their BI, CRM, SQL or Hadoop databases. Galigeo wants to wake up this dormant “where” factor to reveal proximity and environment characteristics that show hidden patterns,” explains Tapia-Stocker. Galigeo’s platform adds a map layer to the business layer and dynamically links it.

“Business Augmented Maps Platform adds a map layer to the business layer and dynamically links it”

The Galigeo map-centric, SAP security certified platform gives users the tools to analyze and monitor data efficiently. The location intelligence and geomapping features are capable of connecting mapping software to BI data, CRM data, standard data sources (Hana, Oracle, SQL, Excel) and business data of all types from small or large databases. It can then portray visualization as heat-map, choropleth, clustering, time-slider, proportional symbols and more. The platform can be implemented on premises, SaaS, hybrid or mobile modes.
Galigeo has a strategic partnership with SAP to enhance their BusinessObjects with the mapping component. Galigeo’s BI*Where product spatially enables the Business Objects Universe data model through the identification of geographic dimension of the data. With the geographic dimensions identified, any query and resulting Webi (but also Design Studio, Dashboard and Crystal) document containing these geographic dimensions will have the ability to contain an interactive map viewer of the measures, metrics, & KPIs contained in the BO Universe.

Galigeo is trusted by some of the world’s largest businesses and organizations across industry verticals like FMCG, Telco, Retail, Public Sector, Pharma and utilities, where geography impacts the business. As part of globalization or commoditization of products, when companies have to re-organize and move from a centralized product organization to that of a regional product organization, the tagline ‘Think global, act local’ has a profound impact on all marketing strategies. Location intelligence empowers organizations to address the specificity of the regions.

One of Galigeo’s clients in the beverages sector wanted to increase sales. The challenge was in the distribution of products through hundreds of thousands of Point of Sales. Thanks to Galigeo, the client equipped the sales force with an operational tool to support them in their daily activities by integrating the location intelligence solution with the company’s CRM application. With Galigeo’s platform and the several business apps such as Visit planning, Territory Management, Lead assignment, Geocoding, and Location analytics, the entire sales force and finance directors had access to a combined CRM and geo-marketing application for optimized territory management and analytics to discriminate and rank best POS through catchment area analysis to upsell products. It helped them to maximize their investment to optimize coverage for their products.

Envisioning further enhancements to the Business Augmented Map Platform, Tapia-Stocker says, “In times of crisis, no company can afford to remain geo-blind and ignore the value brought by the ‘where’ factor as delivered by Galigeo.”
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Christian Tapia, Stocker, CEO

Location Intelligence to help organizations make better strategic decisions