Gallagher: Protecting Assets and Data to Reduce Cyber Risk

Scott Elliott, Executive Vice President The rising sophistication, stealth, and persistence of cybercriminals are affecting businesses and governments worldwide. While some of them are minor, others pose critical threats to the overall security posture, health, and safety of enterprises and nations, especially as systems become more connected. The current volatile cyber climate mandates reliable security solutions that can provide protection in an ever-evolving and pervasive threat environment while ensuring seamless business continuity.

This is where Gallagher, with over 80 years of experience in the technology sector, proves its value. Gallagher’s suite of industry-leading, integrated security and site management solutions provide complete situational awareness, and command and control from a single, unified management platform, helping businesses and government protect what matters most.

As a leading security company with integrated access control, intrusion detection, and perimeter protection in a single platform, Gallagher is what keeps the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ahead of their physical and cybersecurity as well as their regulatory requirements. Gallagher’s solutions enable DHS to manage their physical sites and online touchpoints from a centralized platform, helping them more effectively safeguard employees, visitors, and citizens’ interests and government buildings.

“We believe in the trifecta of our people, culture, and end-to-end products”

“Keeping a finger on the pulse and continuously innovating are critical to any company. Our corporate culture is deeply rooted in this philosophy of innovation and resonates in our purpose and values, as well,” says Scott Elliott, Excutive Vice President, Gallagher.

Taking a global view of high security and developing solutions to the highest common denominator ensures they meet and exceed government, homeland security, defense and critical national infrastructure security, and health and safety needs.

Solutions that Stay Ahead of Global Government Standards

Supporting U.S. and international governments, national defense systems, the intelligence community and critical national infrastructure across the 5-eyes and NATO nations is a corporate priority for Gallagher Security. Consequently, they have invested significantly in building relevant access control, intrusion detection, and perimeter protection security solutions.

“We develop world-leading security solutions that are compliant, accredited, and authorized for use in the most secure locations on earth,” says Elliott. “Our solutions are proven and approved. We help ensure our clients have the most upto- date, cyber-resilient security platform in the industry to effectively manage compliance with their organizational policies and government regulations.”
To that end, Gallagher’s integrated software and hardware security solutions comply with the US Government (FIPS) 201-3 standards for personal identity verification for federal employees and contractors, intelligence community directive (ICD) 705 to ensure the protection of Secure Compartmented Information in compliance with National Security Act Directives, and National Industrial Security System Certification for U.L. 2050, developed in collaboration with U.S. federal security agencies to protect sensitive material in the possession of defense contractors. Outside the U.S., the company is accredited with CAPSS High-Security System certification and EN 50131 for intrusion detection and alarm systems used throughout the UK and Europe, and accredited Type 1A certification in Australia.

A Centralized Platform with Feature- Rich Security Management Interface

Gallagher offers unified access control, intrusion detection, and perimeter protection solutions for the cybermarket. In addition to a feature-rich security management interface designed for global security operations, they support a wide variety of business policy enforcement tools and workflows, and compliance, health, and safety features.

Gallagher’s attribute-based access control solutions assist in efficient and reliable management of multiple access points to control risk, improve business efficiency, ensure business continuity and increase profitability. For instance, it helps clients assess and respond quickly during critical events, such as a fire or active shooter threat, providing peace of mind to clients when it comes to site safety. Adding to their innovative suite is the open-ended perimeter protection solution designed to deter, detect and alert security personnel of any breach at the outer layer of a site - this is deployed across utilities, critical infrastructure, local government, logistics and defense sites and is managed and monitored from a unified location.

Additionally, Gallagher offers a powerful API suite, which enables seamless integration with third-party products and features, ensuring a smarter, more cost-effective way to operate. With access to third-party tools directly from the platform, clients don’t have to toggle back and forth between the different security solutions.

Owning the Supply Chain

Gallagher has full ownership of the manufacturing process for all its products, which has proven to be a competitive advantage in recent times. “Availability is a critical factor in the security space. There have been ongoing supply chain issues recently. Obtaining products with dependencies on microprocessors has become a massive problem for government and business, with lead times for enclosures, controllers, card readers, and credentials often exceeding industry timelines by 4 to 8 times,” explains Elliott.

Not depending on third-party platforms or multiple manufacturers for assembling their systems is rare in the security sector. This has helped them have better authority over the raw materials and products and more control of the supply chain. Thorough knowledge of the raw materials, where they come from, how they are manufactured, and how each product is delivered enables Gallagher to fortify its security solutions while speeding up delivery timelines and maintaining business continuity for clients. This is further supported by additional professional services and round-the-clock technical support.

Specifically Tailored Solutions for Unique Client Requirements

A deep understanding of high-security requirements and global standards allows them to devise solutions that can cater to clients’ unique requirements. Its technology provides security at all levels— from strictly controlling visitor access to defending assets whose loss or damage could be catastrophic to national security.

“Our Enterprise offering is the world’s only truly unified access control, intrusion detection, and perimeter protection solution on the market.
In addition to a very feature rich security management interface designed for global security operations, we also support a wide variety of business policy enforcement tools and workflows, and compliance, health, and safety features,” says Elliott.

Customers choose Gallagher for a variety of reasons. The baseline decision is determined by whether or not the product is compliant with FIPS-201-3, ICD 705, UL2050, can be tested, certified, and accredited to operate on government or corporate networks which are driven by NIST RMF and FIPS-199 in the U.S. In N.Z. it's Type A, while in Australia, it is Type 1A. Similarly, the U.K. requires CPNI, CAPPS, and EN501-31.

Our solutions ensure our clients have the most up-to-date and cyber resilient security platform in the industry to effectively manage compliance with their organizational policies and government regulations

Vertical market demands like those in the federal government and defense sectors are very standards-driven. In other instances, risk management stakeholders approach Gallagher for ensuring continuity of operations. For instance, lost productivity in a mine due to an injured employee can result in the loss of millions of dollars per hour. Clients can mitigate employee injury caused by repetitive processes by integrating their machinery into the Gallagher ecosystem. Using its attribute-based role model, the company ensures workers are qualified and certified and prevents them from using machinery for longer than recommended. This results in improved employee health and safety, fewer workers’ compensation claims, and increased productivity.

A Corporate Culture that is Purpose- and Value-Driven

A strong security-of-security mindset is baked into Gallagher’s DNA. “We believe in our people, our culture, and our products. Our leadership is cyber-responsible and we recruit for culture-fit first. Frankly, our people are our business. We are constantly investing in our people so that they and we can harness the individual and collective super powers. This will propel our innovation culture and ensure that we leverage that strong diversity of thought,” says Elliott.

Gallagher boasts a strong team culture that binds them together as a unified crew. They are a people-first organization with agile workforce structures that strongly believes in the power of people to steer the business forward. Combined with continuous innovation, they drive compelling business value to their channel and customers with greater speed than other security solutions providers. The company plans to continuously scale and optimize, and train their teams around the globe— in developmental and operational capacities or in sales and marketing—to provide world-class products and services to their partners and clients.

With a wide portfolio of competencies under its hood, Gallagher promotes flexibility, one of the core tenets needed to stabilize today’s ever-evolving security and threat landscape. This flexibility is rooted in Gallagher’s culture, increasing the value of its security solutions among the U.S. and international governments.


Rolling Meadows, IL

Scott Elliott, Executive Vice President

With decades of experience in the Homeland Security space, Gallagher’s solution suite with industry-leading integrated security solutions provides complete site control from one central management platform to another by keeping their client’s people safe, ensuring the public’s safety, and managing people and assets