Gallop Solutions: Setting a Software Testing Standard for Robotics

Kalyana Rao Konda, President
After making a mark in industries like automotive, manufacturing & packaging, robotics is now entering into education, healthcare, space exploration and defense. “It is evident that future robots will not be simple extrapolations of what is happening today. It will be driven by revolutionary sensors, artificial intelligence and experience, leading to an explosive growth of the industry itself,” says Kalyana Rao Konda, President, and Gallop Solutions. Since the field is new and is expanding faster than human comprehension, companies building robotics applications use software which is barely standardized. Moving ahead, the scenario is going to be further complicated with thousands of devices, diverse processors, environments and code. Thus, a thorough testing on robotics software is essential to create a systematic functionality of robots.

Founded in 2003, Gallop focuses on testing latest robotics technology at all steps of the value-chain. The company conceptualized Enterprise Test Acceleration Suite considering the limited point of standardization for robotics processor and hardware. This suite helps accelerate software testing life cycle & drastically reduce the time to market. “These accelerators together with our robotics testing services enable highly secure yet scalable & faster modes of testing,” claims Kalyan. Further to it, Gallop has deep expertise in various phases of testing involving Robotics - robotics component level testing, system level testing, robotics performance testing, embedded testing, application level testing and robotics compatibility testing. “Through our deep expertise in software testing, we are improving the robotics processors to create better robots,” says Kalyan.

Gallop’s deep expertise in software testing has benefitted several clients. “We have worked with many robotics providers including a leading toy manufacturer that offers educational robots,” states Kalyan. Gallop QA team built various models to test robot functionalities. To ensure compatibility among mechanical pieces of the toy series, Gallop developed a uniform coding that connected & coordinated various components to form a robot. “With a universal design, we ensured that several other parts can be united to form a robot without investing on additional tools,” claims Kalyan.

Our investment into development of software testing solutions focused on robotics is the reaffirmation of our commitment towards building better software for our esteemed clients

As an organization, Gallop is solely focused on providing independent software testing services. “Being in software testing services for over a decade now, we have built proprietary intellectual property around software testing which jumpstarts the QA testing cycle and reduces testing window by almost 25 percent,” says Kalyan. Gallop helps startup companies in their first stage of robotics testing and goes on to build a strong bond with them. Gallop's active support to new business verticals and models helps them to hold a strong position among its contenders. In addition, their commitment towards quality and robotics, investment into a dedicated robotics lab in their office has made them stand out as a highly focused service provider for robotics software testing services.

Moving forward, Gallop likes to focus on their fleet of services and build software testing solutions for embedded systems and robotics. “As an organization, we are keen on developing proprietary testing methodologies and test accelerators for wearable technology, mobile and devices which are highly focused on SMAC (Social Mobile Analytics & Cloud). This vision drives us to make investments into people, process and technology consistently,” concludes Kalyan.

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Kalyana Rao Konda, President

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