Gamivation: Training Organizations to Learn,Compete and Win

CIO VendorRay Wezner, Co-founder and COO
“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I will remember, involve me and I will learn” -- Said by Benjamin Franklin, this is the principle which Gamivation lives by. Headquartered in Southfield, MI, the company has tailored this approach to the average adult learner and embeds training in everyday workflow, so that users ‘Learn by Doing’. Gamivation offers comprehensive and highly effective training programs, with incentives in a gamified environment “Everyone offers training seminars for employees, but no one makes sure that the training is remembered by reinforcing it and tying it to actual performance “ says Ray Wezner, COO of Gamivation The company’s unique approach with respect to delivering training allows organizations to see immediate results in the adoption of platforms like Salesforce. “We integrate training into users’ daily activities and tie it to their day to day business processes,” Wezner adds.

Gamivation works closely with team members throughout the Salesforce organization to identify and solve customer challenges. “Whether it’s through working with Account Executives to help their clients improve sales, developing relationships with Customer Success Managers to provide adoption programs, our relationship with Salesforce helps us develop those relationships and opportunities,” says Wezner. Having built the app on the Salesforce’s infrastructure, Gamivation enjoys advantages of security, integration, reporting, setup, and customizations. However, it can be used by both Salesforce and non-Salesforce Customers.

The Gamivation system is built on consistent processes and best practices. “With each prospect and client, we work to understand their program goals, current challenges, program history, and targeted user base for the application,” shares Wezner. The company then combines the sparkling combination of three disciplines–Gamification, Training, and Incentives–into a single platform. Through this cohesion, it becomes possible to measure each component in relation to the others, and its results can correlate each piece of the program.
“For example, the analysis of quiz results and specific component sales can help identify and address gaps in the training materials. We then close that loop and immediately improve the content of the program,” says Wezner. By having all three components within a single platform, the company simplifies costs and vendor management for its customers.

Gamivation’s relationship with Salesforce has given them a strong, stable, secure, and scalable platform that has enabled efficient deployments both in the U.S. and abroad. One of their clients, Bang & Olufsen approached Gamivation to increase sales of their premium sound system on the Audi vehicles. Gamivation worked with B&O and Audi of America to implement the Dealer sales training and incentives program on the platform. Gamivation was able to leverage the stability and flexibility of the platform, while also offering dashboard reports, profile management capabilities, and more. In their six-month program with the two manufacturers, Gamivation increased sales of B&O systems by 40 percent, exceeding the programs’ aggressive targets. Based on the success of Gamivation’s programs in North America, the company is now rolling out programs in 11 EMEA countries.

We work with neuroscientists to keep evolving the components of our program to make sure they’re truly delivering the best human behavior results possible

Gamivation works with neuroscientists to sharpen the components of their program to make sure they are truly delivering the best human behavior results possible. “After seeing the benefits and results of our client successes, recommended us to expand our app to target on the adoption of CRM which was one of their biggest challenges,” says Wezner. He goes on to say “Gamivation is looking beyond the training and incentive programs to be an employee recognition platform, where it becomes the foundation for all incentive programs integrating that with other LMS and Reward systems.”


Southfield, MI

Ray Wezner, Co-founder and COO

Offering comprehensive and highly effective training with incentives in a gamified environment.