Jay Elis, President
The year 2020 marks the 15th anniversary of Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA), a preeminent provider of Public Relations, Marketing, and Event Planning services to the telecom and tech industries. The company is known for its highly-skilled team, innovative tools, and established media and industry relationships, which allows JSA to deliver the most exceptional outreach and brand awareness services available—with a measurable return on investment. In fact, JSA has been laurelled as the "Most Outstanding Telecoms PR Agency" for two years in a row. "We are viewed as thought leaders in the industry. We completely integrate our clients’ public relations and marketing efforts in order to align their messaging with the needs of their clients and prospects," states Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, the Founder and CEO of JSA. “Such an approach helps JSA’s clients increase sales and revenue generation while improving their brand equity.”

Right from the beginning, JSA integrates and aligns its clients’ marketing strategy, tactical and timely communications deployment, tracking and analysis while actively propagating its ‘1-2 punch’ strategy. The company is known for its combined inbound and outbound communications to enhance lead generation and branding for its clients. For its outbound methodologies, JSA writes, distributes and pitches press releases, calendars social postings, manages event meetings and branding, and other outwardly-available brand-building work for its clients. Additionally, JSA complements its outbound initiatives with a unique, clientfocused inbound approach, often taking it a notch higher by introducing accountbased marketing (ABM) into its clients marcomm plan. With inbound and ABM campaign management, JSA complements its clients events and news releases with a developed and targeted lead generation program. It also enables JSA to manage and track inbound marketing leads, such as website traffic visitors and their interests and/or preferences via specific landing pages, which further helps reduce the sales timeline to educate and close. Lastly, JSA integrates targeted, follow-up direct emails and promotional campaigns, social media posts, and interactive videos all centered around the visitors’ specific interests. An integral aspect of this all-encompassing approach is HubSpot. As a gold-level agency partner of HubSpot, JSA utilizes the online tool as We are viewed as thought leaders in the industry. We integrate our clients’ public relations and marketing efforts in order to align their messaging with the needs of their clients and prospects Jaymie Scotto Cutaia CEO of JSA its own internal marketing automation, CRM and sales enhancer. JSA also uses other ABM and lead tracking applications that sync with HubSpot through APIs in order to reach, understand, and monitor its target audience.

We are viewed as thought leaders in the industry. We integrate our clients’ public relations and marketing efforts in order to align their messaging with the needs of their clients and prospects

The agency can then identify the best channels to connect with website visitors dynamically through customized messaging, welcoming them with individualized smart content, such as using their real names, company names, interests and more on the landing page. JSA shares their expertise with clients by helping them integrate and seamlessly align their operations with these online tools such as HubSpot. By doing so, JSA ensures connected communications between the sales and marketing departments while tracking and optimizing the prospect-to-customer lifecycle.

One of the core competencies of JSA is the power of its people. With continuous training and certification, including various HubSpot certifications, the company attracts, retains and incentivizes some of the best marketers, PR agents, and event planners in telecom and tech. “We are essentially a people business. Each of our team members is a fusion of dedication, skills, creativity, and passion, powered by industry experience. The stronger each one of us is, the stronger we are collectively,” adds Jaymie.

Over the years, JSA has expanded its footprint across the United States, Canada and South America. The company is also looking at increasing its outreach to the UK, and growing more prominently throughout Europe in the coming years. "Our team approach and passion contributes to getting our clients' message out to the market and helps them to be more successful. We choose our clients and partners, as they choose us, and together we make headlines worthy of our industry," concludes Jaymie.


Columbia, MD

Jay Elis, President

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