Ganz Security: Unearthing Malicious Threats with Surveillance Tools

Victor Milani, Executive Vice President, CBC Americas
The new age digital technologies are transfiguring the surveillance/ security arena to make it more efficacious in its role of detecting and preventing malicious behavior—shoplifting, theft, assaults, and vandalism. Today, the video surveillance systems focus more on the delivery of information that can be used to optimize business processes and enhance overall business performances. Bringing the video surveillance to its utmost capabilities is Ganz Security, a brand of CBC AMERICAS Corporation, a Cary & Mebane, NC based company that holds expertise in the intelligence security and surveillance solutions. The firm is known for providing a comprehensive line of intelligent security and optical solutions, multi camera intelligent systems, and a complete suite of recording and display devices. “Through our intelligence solutions malicious activities can be detected that may otherwise escape human eye or intervention,” delineates Victor Milani, Executive Vice President, Ganz Security.

Ganz Security has carved a niche in the video surveillance technology market through its wide array of Surveillance and Security services that involve high resolution cameras that manage videos efficiently with the help of Wi-Fi spot recognition. Many businesses across industries such as retail, healthcare, financial, transportation, gaming, and hospitality require advanced surveillance technologies to protect their assets. Ganz Security’s solutions and products such as GXi are equipped to address a myriad of requirements of a variety of customers. “By applying an intelligent network system with our solution, GXi imbedded intelligence at critical areas, many organizations can detect and respond to an incident like theft or even security of the organizations, customers and staff,” confides Milani.

The firm also leverages upon video tracking, heat mapping, Character Recognition Program (CRP) along with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to provide surveillance even in remote parts of the world. “Our intelligent network systems allow for remote monitoring, HD images, and instant access to live and recorded videos,” remarks Milani. In the wake of recent bomb attacks in Paris, many people walked away from public areas and escalators due to the fear of being killed.

Through our intelligence solutions malicious activities and threats can be detected that may escape human eye or intervention

“We therefore deployed our software in many public areas that help detect the bombs and explosives to proactively work towards prevention of attacks in the future,” adds Milani. Ganz Security recently launched its new product, CORTROL, new Internet Protocol (IP) central management software (CMS). CORTROL determines facial recognition, and is a profile generating server deployment tool with video analytics integration. CORTROL manages videos and also keeps a tab of intrusions with the firewalls that are embedded in the system. The CMS manages unlimited sites, cameras, and servers that are placed in remote corners of the world and can efficiently identify and manage automatic failover configurations and redundant management servers for uninterrupted reliability. “We work with our customers to help them install the intelligent solutions while complying with the local rules and regulations,” says Milani. In addition to its repertoire of intelligent security offerings, the firm’s product series IP and analog cameras, performance driven optics, a diverse range of intelligent video analytics, discreet enclosures, video management software and a full range of recording and display devices.

Forging forward, Ganz Security plans to promote the objective of the customers by propounding many camera applications to bring innovation in surveillance and security technologies and channelize them globally. The company will integrate features such as secured facial recognition systems in its current surveillance products to help recognize their original users and release latest iterations in the coming years. CBC intends to double their global market presence and widen its base in the optic and security technology landscape in the near future.

Ganz Security

Cary, NC

Victor Milani, Executive Vice President, CBC Americas

Ganz Security offers intelligent security solutions for every type of application: IP and analog cameras, performance driven optics, a diverse range of intelligent video analytics, discreet enclosures, and others

Ganz Security